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Articles in English from 13-12-04 to 01-06-05

Date Title Source
01/06/05 The girl friend's death changed Lene VG
01/06/05 The reluctant pop star Dagsavisen
01/06/05 Marlin about journeys up and down Bladet Tromsø
27/05/05 Busy times for Lene Marlin Bladet-Tromsø
15/05/05 A meeting with Lene Marlin on NRK P2 'Kulturbo' NRK P2
14/05/05 Lene Marlin on Bergensk bt.no - Guro Istad
10/05/05 Ronan Keating to host 5th IFPI Platinum Award honouring Europe's top-selling artists in Brussels, 12 july IFPI
09/05/05 Lene interview at NRK P3 'Musikkmisjonen' NRK P3
29/04/05 Interview on NRK1 Topp20 NRK1 Tv
27/04/05 Lene's image game VG
26/04/05 Lene shocked Per Erik Adresseavisen
26/04/05 Lots of praise for Lene Marlin Bladet Tromsø
26/04/05 Elastic Lene Marlin single Bladet-Tromsø
25/04/05 - Have found the woman in herself VG
23/04/05 Hot in blue VG
22/04/05 Lene's interview on "Først og Sist" - NRK NRK Tv
22/04/05 Lene tricked everyone with new CD Nordlys
22/04/05 New album from Lene Marlin VG
14/04/05 Performed for EMI directors VG
01/02/05 Venn on the sales top VG
14/01/05 - Better than 'Sammen for livet' VG
13/01/05 Table set for Norwegian 'Band AID' VG
14/12/04 - I am just so inconceivably happy! Nordlys
14/12/04 - Heck, how nervous Bladet-Tromsø
14/12/04 The queen of the ball Bladet-Tromsø
14/12/04 Victory at home for Lene Nordlys
14/12/04 The EMI director moved to tears Nordlys
13/12/04 Thoroughly rescued Marlin-fan Bladet Tromsø
13/12/04 Shining Lene Nrk
13/12/04 Wild pop party in the city's rock hall Avisa Nordland

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