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The first part of this section contains all the transcripts from the news Lene's blog, a diary she's keeping in her own writing on her official website, www.lenemarlin.com. The original blog is in Norwegian and English.

Lene's blog
Lene's blog from lenemarlin.com

The Diary & Chats archive contains very interesting material, for it encloses Lene Marlin's thought. We all know how reserved she is, and that she doesn't like to expose herself much. However, in the following exctracts Lene has talked about herself and her life.
So, here's the diary that Lene has been keeping on lenemarlin.com from September 1999 to February 2000. Plus, the four chats Lene has had with her fans: the one for the newspaper Dagbladet, in 1998, the one for the website TheRaft.com on Feb. 10th 2000, the one for Norwegian newspaper VG on Feb. 25th 2000, just a few hours before Spellemanprisen, the Norwegian Music Awards, which Lene that day won four of, and again for VG on Nov. 19th 2003, two months after she published her second album, "Another Day".

Lene's diary
Lene's diary from lenemarlin.com (September '99 - February '00)

Interview with fans in VG. (19/11/03)
Interview with fans in VG. From Artistsnorway (25/02/00)
Chat with Lene Marlin. From The Raft (Virgin) (10/02/00)
Interview with fans in Dagbladet. (20/11/98)