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13 January 2005
Table set for Norwegian 'Band AID'
Source : VG
Closer to 100 Norwegian artists gathers in Oslo tonight to record the song Venn ("Friend") profiting the floodwave victims.

It will be so big that the exact number of artists we don't know. There are many that want to take part, but is struggling with getting time, says presswoman Marianne Antonsen of the recording-artists union "GramArt" to VG.

It is Lene Marlin and Espen Lind that have composed the melody for the song "Friend" and the lyrics is a cooperation of several lyricists. Author and musician Jo Nesbø are said to be one of those that participated in writing the song.

There are many that has been involved with the lyrics, and that is why we don't want to concrete say who worked with the text, says Antonsen.

The "Band-Aid" project takes place at Rainbow Studios in Oslo and is produced by Bjørn Nessjø and the Trondheim-based producer-team StarGate. "Friend" will not be given out as a single, but will front the double-album that will contain earlier released songs.

What we decied to do, was to make a all-in-one lift in the form of a double-CD. We decided to make a action-song that should front the release. That is why we have done it like this, says Marianne Antonsen.

The income from the CD-sale, air-play and other channels that bring in money, are all going to the Norwegian Red Cross and their work in the hard-hit Aceh-province in Indonesia.

Translated by Staalorm


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