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from the album Twist The Truth (2009)  info > 
1. Everything's GoodLyricsTabs
2. Come HomeLyricsTabs
3. Here We AreLyricsTabs
4. Story Of A LifeLyricsTabs
5. You Could HaveLyricsTabs
6. I'll FollowLyricsTabs
7. Learned From MistakesLyricsTabs
8. Have I Ever Told YouLyricsTabs
9. Do You RememberLyricsTabs
10. You Will Cry No MoreLyricsTabs
Lyrics ©Virgin Records Norway AS

from the album Lost In A Moment (2005)  info > 
1. My Lucky DayLyrics Tabs
2. All I Can SayLyrics Tabs
3. How Would It BeLyrics Tabs
4. Hope You're HappyLyrics Tabs
5. What IfLyrics Tabs
6. Leave My MindLyrics Tabs
7. When You Were AroundLyrics Tabs
8. Never To KnowLyrics Tabs
9. Eyes ClosedLyrics Tabs
10. It's TrueLyrics Tabs
11. Wish I CouldLyrics Tabs
Lyrics ©Virgin Records Norway AS

from the album Another Day (2003)  info > 
1. Another DayLyricsTabs
2. FacesLyricsTabs
3. You Weren't ThereLyricsTabs
4. From This DayLyricsTabs
5. SorryLyricsTabs
6. My LoveLyricsTabs
7. Whatever It TakesLyricsTabs
8. Fight Against The HoursLyricsTabs
9. DisguiseLyricsTabs
10. StoryLyricsTabs
Lyrics ©Virgin Records Norway AS

from the album Playing My Game (1999)  info > 
1. Sitting Down HereLyricsTabs
2. Playing My GameLyricsTabs
3. Unforgivable SinnerLyricsTabs
4. Flown AwayLyricsTabs
5. The Way We AreLyricsTabs
6. So I SeeLyricsTabs
7. Maybe I'll GoLyricsTabs
8. Where I'm HeadedLyricsTabs
9. One Year AgoLyricsTabs
10. A Place NearbyLyricsTabs
Lyrics ©Virgin Records Norway AS

Still Here (from Lost In A Moment Asian version album)LyricsTabs
Blanket In A Park (from How Would It Be cds)LyricsTabs
It's All Good (from Another Day dvd)LyricsTabs
Hope You're Happy (from Another Day dvd)LyricsTabs
Enough (from You Weren't There cds)LyricsTabs
I Know (from Sitting Down Here cds)LyricsTabs
Lyrics ©Virgin Records Norway AS

  • Collaboration with Aleksander With (2009):
  • Worth ItLyrics Tabs
  • Collaboration with Marquess (2008):
  • All GoneLyrics Tabs
  • Collaboration with Lovebugs (2006):
  • AvalonLyrics Tabs
  • Project "Venn" (2005):
    In January 2005 Lene took part in the project "Venn", a double cd carried out by many norwegian artists to collect funds for the Asian peoples struck by the tsunami. The only previously unreleased track is the song "Venn" (Friend), sung by all the artists. Lene sings three times in the song, two times in duet (with Espen Lind and Sivert Høyem), and at the end of the song, closing it with a solo. Lene has also written the music of the song together with Espen Lind.
  • VennLyricsTabs
  • Collaboration with Sissel (2000):
    Lene Marlin has collaborated with her compatriot Sissel Kyrkjebø: she's a succesful pop/classical singer, with a big voice; she is also famous in the Usa; she opened Lillehammer Winter Olympics Games, collaborated with Warren G for the worldwide hit "Prince Igor"; singed with artist such Placido Domingo; her voice it's in the songs of Titanic soundtrack. In Sissel latest album, titled "All Good Things", released on november 2000, Lene collaborated with two songs: she has written Should It Matter (track 3) and We Both Know (track 11). [Lyrics ©2000 Universal Music AS, Norway]
  • Should It MatterLyricsTabs
    We Both KnowLyricsTabs

    All lyrics by Lene Marlin. All lyrics in English (Venn is in Norwegian, though)

    Tabs by Andrea Rizzo, Ciro Riccardi, Valerio "Pegasus" Di Lecce.

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