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13 December 2004
Thoroughly rescued Marlin-fan
Source : Bladet Tromsų
Paolo Fumagalli (30) is a that big fan of Lene Marlin that he came all the way from Milan to Tromsų to see his heroine. Lene Marlin with Tromsų-concert tonight!

Tonight is the night. Lene is playing her first concert in her hometown. Most of the tickets is sold, and one expect there will be crowded when the queen of pop from Tromsų goes on stage in Tromsųhallen.

Paolo Fumagalli from Italy will definitely be very close to the stage when Marlin starts singing "Sitting Down Here".

Special atmosphere

Fumagalli is what you can call a dedicated fan of Lene Marlin. He thinks that the girl from Tromsų is more famous in Italy than she is in Norway, and he is one of over 2000 members in her official fan club. He is also one of the people behind the fan page www.lene.it - a web page that very often is publishing news about the popular artist from Ishavsbyen (a nickname for Tromsų).

Fumagalli arrived in Tromsų on Saturday to watch the concert. He is certain that the atmosphere tonight will be very special.

- It's the first concert she does in her hometown, and many people have been waiting for this for a very long time. Family, friends and others who has followed her all the way to becoming a world star. It will most definitely be very special and much more personal than the other concerts in the other cities, says Paolo Fumagalli.

Been in Tromsų before

This is the third time Fumagalli is visiting Tromsų. Ever since he discovered Lene Marlin, he has been in Tromsų on holidays. But never before in wintertime.

- It's exactly like I imagined it to be here in wintertime, says Paolo Fumagalli, while he's watching the snow falling down from the sky and melting on the heated sidewalks in Storgata.

- It is a very special atmosphere in Tromsų. It is a small and very cosy city, close to the nature. I'm from Milano, which has two million citizens, and I understand Lene Marlins lyrics when I see which kind of environment she has been growing up in, says Paolo Fumagalli.

- He thinks that Marlins first album, "Playing My Game", is his favourite, because the songs on it seem more real, even though he also thinks very much of her second album as well.

- If for instance Lene Marlin sings about being in love, she doesn't just sing "I love him" like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson does. It seems like she has a very grown up perspective on things, and her songs are very deep and meaningful, says the Italian Lene Marlin expert.

Following Lene Marlin

Paolo Fumagalli has followed Lene Marlin ever since she made her breakthrough in Italy with the song "Unforgivable Sinner". He saw her when she had a short performance on a huge pop festival in Verone, and he thinks that it's great that Lene Marlin is doing real concerts.

- In Italy, Lene Marlins songs is still being played everywhere, but when she had her breakthrough, it was extreme. She was on every radio channel all the time, and also on the music channels on TV. Still the radio channels and the stores is playing her songs, says Paolo.

Translated by Stian


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