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Articles in English from 11-11-05 to 03-01-15

Date Title Source
03/01/15 Found Her Own Life VG Weekend
05/09/14 An enormous need for discussion Aftenposten
02/09/14 Lene Marlin Celebrated For Her Sincerity VG
02/09/14 I didn't want to live any longer Aftenposten
02/09/14 Unfathomable darkness NRK Dagsrevyen
10/01/13 The Unwilling Star Stella
24/08/10 Lene Marlin turns 30 years of age NRK Troms/Finnmark
28/03/09 Album-ready Lene Marlin got letter anxiety VG
28/03/09 The Lene School Dagbladet
28/03/09 10 Years With Lene Nordlys
24/03/09 Ravi's discussion with Lene at NRK 'Landeplage' Nrk1 TV
17/02/09 New notes from Lene Nordlys
17/02/09 Laughing somewhat at love VG
16/02/09 New album from Lene Marlin EMI Norway
06/02/09 New song from Lene Bladet-Tromsø
17/08/08 Lene Marlin confirms the relationship with Kåre Conradi VG
16/08/08 Lene Marlin: - Spectacular Aftenbladet
07/08/08 Lene Marlin gets Magnet help Bergens Avisen
01/10/07 Burst of a star Henne
26/08/07 Home Win Bladet Tromsø
18/08/07 Lene recommends therapy Dagbladet
07/06/07 "Everybody" wants to hear Lene iTromso.no
27/04/07 LENE MARLIN - THE "NORTHERN STAR" Naturalia - Family Life
01/10/06 Interview with Lovebugs hitparade.ch
24/09/06 Made a song for The Sims 2 VG
11/07/06 Made for Lene Elle Magazine Norway
23/06/06 Sings on Swiss plate Bladet Tromsø
03/01/06 The 2005 Spellemann awards NRK Troms
19/11/05 Pleased in a snap Dagbladets Magasinet
11/11/05 Lene hosting NRK P3 radio morning show NRK P3

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