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14 December 2004
Victory at home for Lene
Source : Nordlys
Audience 2100 + guest list

There is almost a quarter of ten thousand people standing in front of the stage. The hall is dark. Then suddenly silver colored spots are lightening up. The bass is thudding from the speakers.

Then she is coming. The girl whole Troms° has waited for to see on a stage in the city. The first concert on home ground since she broke through soon seven years ago. Finally she is at home. The party is ready.

With the full band behind her she opens with Sitting down here. An intense start, where she drags along the audience from the first second.

- This is insanely good, you cannot guess, she said and trampled confidently across the stage.

After this rough start the song Sorry came. A song which absolutely wasn't performed with the same quality as the opening song. That massive band delivered a sound that drowned her voice. A voice that in this song, by the way, sounded a bit sour. The voice had the same weak quality during the next song, Another Day.

But then the trend turned. Lene Marlin got warm under the jacket, and she does a beautiful performance of Fight against. And as the last tones leave the stage, Lene Marlin does the same. A moment later she turns up between the audience, she walks through the crowd and gets welcomed with hilarious jubilation and massive applause.

She takes a seat on a bar stool on a mini stage in the location's center. My Love, she sings and round her are standing the 2200 spectators. It's completely silent. That silent you could hear a pin falling.

But luckily it's not these sounds one has to be content with. For the Kroken girl is singing brightly as a bell. With her acoustic guitar she is like we want her. Charming and personal. But there was only this one song before she returned to the main stage.

She closes with the well-known Unforgivable Sinner and the Troms° people are singing along both the verses and chorus.

- I am so satisfied, Lene Marlin shouts into the hall while leaving the stage. And judging from the applause the audience had got what they had come for to hear.

Translated by Daniel


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