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Articles in English from 01-06-05 to 04-11-05

Date Title Source
04/11/05 Lene interview at Senkveld TV2
03/11/05 In from the Cold China Daily
30/10/05 Interview in Beijing Sina.com.cn
30/10/05 Concert in Beijing Report Sina.com.cn
21/10/05 Interview with Tom Wang (Radio News 98 - Taipei) News98
16/10/05 Lost In A Moment - Review by Martin Drury www.music-news.com
11/09/05 In a moment - Interview by Ullrich Maurer Gaesteliste.de
30/08/05 Lene Marlin - Uncensored PlanB July/August
26/08/05 Wayward Angel: Lene Marlin - Lost In A Moment www.thetrousers.uk
10/08/05 Dutch Interview to lene-marlin.com Radio 2
30/07/05 Shined on historic evening Bladet-Tromsø
26/06/05 Marlin's hot Rome VG
20/06/05 Lene Marlin reacts to reviews NRK Radio P2
17/06/05 - A kick from playing new songs Dagbladet
16/06/05 Lost In A Moment - Review by Rune Slyngstad Avisa Nordland
15/06/05 Interview for hitparade.ch by Steffen Hung Hitparade.ch
14/06/05 Gray weather pop from Marlin - Review by Martin Thronsen tv2.no
14/06/05 Stock boring third record - Review by Asbjørn Slettemark Bergens Tidende
14/06/05 - My best album Bergens Tidende
13/06/05 Marlin's moment - Review by Per A.Risnes Dagens Næringsliv
13/06/05 Wanted by the fashion king Cavalli VG
10/06/05 Lost In A Moment - Review by Tor H. Bergsrud tromsoby.no
10/06/05 Pretty, but quite boring - Review by Sigrid Hvidsten Dagbladet
10/06/05 Lost In A Moment - Review by Stein Østbø VG
10/06/05 Hectic summer for Lene Marlin VG
10/06/05 On her own terms - Review by Svein Andersen Aftenposten
06/06/05 Lene among lions ELLE (June 2005)
04/06/05 Got lost in the moment Avisa Nordland
01/06/05 Lene took the control Dagbladet
01/06/05 Lene totally spontaneous Aftenposten

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