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27 May 2005
Busy times for Lene Marlin
Source : Bladet-Tromsų
Lene Marlin (24) is heading for busy times in connection with her third album release.

On Monday, June 13, Lene Marlin will be releasing her third album, entitled 'Lost In A Moment', in Norway. The Thursday before, June 8, the album is launched in Japan.

The day before the album is released in Norway, Lene Marlin is playing together with Mandela-signed Zucchero at IFPI's annual Platinum Awards in Brussels, and there are several concerts planned in connection with the album launch.

Loved by the radio

- We are among other things going to Paris to do a concert, but the arrangement for this I don't have in exact terms yet, says EMI-director and Tromsų inhabitant Per Eirik Johansen.

He says that the concert in Paris is an internal concert with several artists, and he is uncertain whether it is open for the general public.

However, already now the hustle and bustle have started for the pop queen from Kroken.

Radio stations in Norway and abroad have thrown themselves over her latest radio single, 'How Would It Be', and on the official hit lists for last week, we found Lene Marlin as the 10th most played artist on Norwegian radio.

The Tromsų girl ended up at the 19th most played on Italian radio the latter week, and in three days the single will be out in stores in Belgium.

France and Italy

If we are to believe the Italian fan-club of Lene Marlin, who have stunningly good control over every plan concerning the pop star, the plans are that she will be conquering Europe this summer, and the album will be launched across the continent, in addition to it being released in all the greater nations in the East.

The complete promotion plan for the summer is still not finalized, but it is already clear that Lene Marlin will be doing four days of promotion in Paris, and that she thereafter will be going to four different cities in Italy, where she will be appearing on both radio and TV.

On June 9, she is in Milan, playing on 'Top Of The Pops'.

- This part in Italy is going to be very good, and it is very important. It is in Italy that Lene Marlin is the greatest, says Per Eirik Johansen.

Editor's note: This article is not entirely accurate. The IFPI Platinum Awards are on July 12, not June 12, and the event is not annual, but biennial.

Translated by Tef Johs


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