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23 April 2005
Hot in blue
Source : VG
Stylists praise for Lene Marlin's new style.

Lene Marlin has adopted a glamorous popstar look, and seemed both self-confident and grown-up when she let go of the bomb about a new album yesterday evening.

RADIATED: The TV-viewers got to see a whole new Lene Marlin at Fredrik Skavlan last night. She gets praise from the stylists for her new style, with a blue sateen.

- It's a long time since I've seen such a wonderful Lene Marlin. She is glamorous and sexy. Earlier, I thought she looked a bit sad and pale, but now she's glowing. The hair is beautiful, and the make-up is fantastic. Like this I'd like to see her more, says Idol stylist Anne Cecilie Olavesen, who gives her a plus for cool shoes.

Stylist Jan Gunnar Svenson thinks it was a bit more of a romantic touch over Lene Marlin this time.

- I think she was fitting the soft, curling-iron curls. A tender and delicious Lene, he thinks.

Tough secret

Lene Marlin (24) showed the new and glamorous edition of herself at NRK1's 'Først og Sist' last night. Self-confident, grown-up, and in a great mood, the Tromsø girl revealed that she in all secrecy has recorded a new album. Marlin has carried the secret since September of last year, and this has not only been simple.

- I have had to be lying a lot, but the closer ones have known about it. Nevertheless, It's so incredibly nice to finally be able telling about it, the popstar shined, with the glass of champagne in her hand.

Last night, the audience got to hear the single 'How Would It Be' for the first time. It was performed live by an artist totally free of nerves.

- I wasn't nervous, no. Since nobody knew about this in beforehand, there were no expectations either, Marlin pointed out.

The 24-year-old also thought it was wonderful to be free of expectations when she recorded the new album.

Creative from peace and quiet

- The peace and quiet I experienced during the recording made me much more creative.

And even though I originally had all the songs ready when I came into the studio, I got inspired to write much more.

The Tromsø girl has recorded her third album with the star producers at StarGate in Trondheim.

- And it has just been an incredible positive thing, almost like the first album. Nobody knew anything back then, either, she smiled.

The album has been entitled 'Lost In A Moment', and will be released in June. However, Marlin has still not decided upon whether she will be touring or be playing at some of the festivals.

- I always keep a low media profile, and I will be taking this one week at a time. If I get the urge to be playing live, I will do it, or I will just let it go. We'll see.

The new single is to be heard on the radio from today.

Article translated by Tef Johs


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