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01 June 2005
The girl friend's death changed Lene
Source : VG
Got a new view on life and own immortality.

HVALSTRAND BAD: The tragic loss of a good girl friend changed Lene Marlin (24) and her views on life.

Suddenly there was no reason anymore to be waiting with the recording of the album 'Lost In A Moment'.

There are only two weeks left until Lene Marlin's third album after 'Playing My Game' and 'Another Day' is being released in Norway, as well as in the larger parts of Europe and Asia.

This time she had a special motive to be going ahead.

- I had not myself been expecting that it would come an album in 2005. Honestly, I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing this year. Perhaps other projects. Perhaps relaxing. Possibly be writing songs for other artists, Marlin explains.


- It was an event that made me get into other thoughts.

- What kind of event was this?

- It was a death. An employee at EMI, a good girl friend, that I had been working a lot together with. It was a real trought provoker. Not just for me, but for many others, I believe.

- Suddenly you discovered that you cannot take everything for granted?

- Isn't that true. It is difficult to explain. I heard about the death first time I was in studio in Trondheim. The flight down to Oslo was the most effective 50 minutes I have had in my head. When I came out of the plane, I went straight to the EMI offices. During that time, I decided that I had to try, at least.

- To honour a girl friend?

- You get reminded of your own immortality. Life is too short. This is nothing to be whirring about with. It felt right. This was a girl friend I had been working a lot together with.

Nobody knew about the album before Marlin suddenly showed up at EMI with a brand new copy under the arm.

- It wasn't like it was supposed to be so damned secret. We didn't for our lives have to keep it a secret, but we saw how incredibly nice it was to be working in that way.

The artist and the songwriter seems pleased, enthusiastic, and accommodating, there she is sitting in a wonderful, old art deco-restaurant at Hvalstrand Bad in Asker. At the same time, 'Lost In A Moment' seems to be the story about one failed relationship from start to finish.

- You think so? He he. Now, I have this tendency never to comment on the lyrics. The themes are friendship, happiness, sorrow, love, loss. The things that life are about, to be using greater words.

- You are surely not grabbing the lyrics out of thin air?

- You should just know what I can write about. This is what I love about songwriting, that I can give myself liberties. I have such intense moments where I sort of disappear. I may be sitting on green light in the car, and just be observing people. I don't necessarily have to experience what I'm writing about.

The Marlin myth gone

The tour before Christmas together with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz seemed like a smaller revelation for everyone who had been wondering about how Marlin was doing.

- Then you're speaking for me as well. Those weeks were the best ones I'd experienced. It felt very right. Just like with the album. I was then at full work in the studio. Everything was rolling at once. I spent two-three weeks getting down to earth following the last concert in Tromsų.

The tour was a myth breaker. It was the end of the little, gentle Lene. A farewell with the poor, lonesome, rich girl, kind of.

Marlin does not reject the possibility of more concerts.

The album will be out in 17 countries. This means new rounds of interviews. Six years after the first travel to Japan, spring of 1999. That was the start of two years in hell.

- It was the beginning... little did you know back then. It was the first promo tour, ever. It is fun to think back on, if not anything else.

Not to USA

- These two years, where you saw barely nothing other than hotel rooms, airports, and highways. Was it created a little monster at that time?

- A what? A monster? Ha, ha, ha...

- Someone who has learned to control everything?

- Not necessarily controlling, but as a solo artist you get pulled in all directions. Isn't that true. It is only you that, in the bitter end, have to make all the decisions, that deals with yourself. You get a lot of new experiences, but it is limited how interesting it is to be writing about the coffee maker in a hotel room, says Lene, who has experienced the most things as an artist.

USA, on the other hand, is still undone and unattempted.

- I said myself no to be launched in the USA. They are still interested. And I understand that people think this is a huge thing. However, I have never done this for the money's sake. I don't need the USA to become happy, says Lene Marlin.

Translated by Tef Johs


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