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13 july  So Little Time - unreleased track
15 may  Twist The Truth: the last meet and greet video!
03 may  Happy Birthday Playing My Game!
29 april  Lene on Instagram!
13 march  Lene to be judge on The Voice (Norges beste stemme)
26 november  "Free" is no more available - an update
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Lene's albums: Playing My Game, Another Day,
Lost In A Moment, Twist The Truth

Lene's performances on Hver Gang Vi Møtes (TV2)

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Editorial #21 (19 agosto 2015)

15 years with

And the world goes 'round, following its own orbit around the Sun, coming back every year to the same point, on the same day, just one year older. And so has been doing our little world, which goes 'round our Star, the Northern one, for 15 years today. If it's true that you don't measure a journey by its duration, its lenght, the starting point or the destination, but by what's happened in between, well in between there has been so much, almost everything: people, passion, any kind of experiences and emotions, friendship, meetings, love, journeys, but - that's life - sometimes even disagreements, disappointments, goodbyes and delusions. has been for 15 years a microcosm of genuine people who kept alive something beautiful, born for the love of the music of a young girl who softly filled our hearts with what they needed. These years have passed for all of us, even too fast. Lene is not that young girl anymore and, for better or worse, neither are we, dealing with our adult lifes that naturally replaced the ones we had as mainly students and dreamers; that may have taken our time, but not our passion. And so this place, once a crowded downtown condominium, may now resemble an abandoned farmhouse, always ready to welcome whoever wants to get back to the good old times and to all the memories, blowing away some dust here and there. That's how it goes in this hectic and lively internet world more and more devoured by social networks. Whatever lies ahead, nothing can ever wipe out the beauty of a journey we would not change anything of. Thoughts and memories crowd into our mind and they're so many that it's hard to focus on one before another one takes its place. For many of us that is a collection of faces and names which are more than just a list of members. They mean something wonderful, great, and unique that we will never forget. All this was possible thanks to Lene of course, but also thanks to all of Us who for a short or long period of time have been the beating heart of this fanclub.

Happy birthday
13 July 2018 - 20:48  
So Little Time - unreleased track
From the SoundCloud account of danish producer Jesper Mattsson here's to you a soothing unreleased track written together with Lene, like the previous one we reported about, "Free", later removed by the author. What you will hear is almost a demo with a basic rhythm in the opening and in the ending, a piano accompanying our beloved Northern Star's voice, and strings in the choruses. The song is indeed beautiful and, needless to say, to us fans it is always a thrill to listen to Lene again.

15 May 2017 - 18:55  
Twist The Truth: the last meet and greet video!
On May 15, 2009, we italian fans could enjoy the release of Twist The Truth, the fourth and last album from Lene to date. That day many of us were in Milan for (alas) the last meet and greet with her in our Country, except for the brief exchange of greetins the following day after Lene's exhibition at TRL Awards in Trieste. It was a wonderful afternoon. So many smiles, so much joy, such an emotion... waiting impatiently for Lene's arrival, the surprise in her eyes when she arrived and she was given our gift later, all the pictures and the autographs in between and the toast at the end.

We find ourselves saying again that many years have passed by since then but this time we want to share our memory and please you with the first video from that day! For sure a precious memory for all Lene's best fans in the world!

Lene, we miss you!

03 May 2017 - 15:23  
Happy Birthday Playing My Game!
We recently realized that "our" Playing My Game was going to turn 18 and enter "adulthood" (it actually did already in Norway last March). The attempt to write down about it in a regular news for our homepage was inevitably overwhelmed by some very personal thoughts that needed to emerge but were unsuitable for the purpose. The awareness that everyone of us feel a deep bond with Lene's music, made us start this collection of messages to pay the best tribute to her first record, the one that made her and our journey start and cross many times.
    -It was 1999, and I was about to turn 18. When my few true friends...

    -To talk about the first encounter with Playing My Game means to talk about my first encounter with Unforgivable Sinner...

    -18 years passed so fast... I'll never forget the day I went to Milan to meet Lene...

    -Happy, happy birthday to Playing My Game and her caring mom Lene! So much time has passed...

    - I fell in love with Lene and her songs the very first time I listened to Unforgivable Sinner!

    -It's been 18 years. Man, time flies! Still it feels like it's been yesterday, the first time I listened to Unforgivable Sinner on the radio.

    -Now that I think about it, that was a crucial year to me. Memories are still vivid, though slightly consfused.

    -Spring water. A gentle fresh breeze in a torrid summer day. It's what comes instinctively to my mind when I think of Lene's debut album...

    -"Playing My Game" is the melancholic soundtrack of my last year as teenager.

    -I can never really remember how I 'Got into' Lene Marlin, but I was 7 years old in 1999, and I know that...

    -It's so hard to sum up in a few lines what PMG has meant to me, it would mean to write down very intense and personal emotions and feelings...

    -To me you were just "the girl with the blue hair", because of that mysterious video always in heavy rotation on all TV music channels.

    -Sometimes I almost feel ashamed to tell about this, but there's a song in "Playing my game" that I've been listening to at least twice a day...

    -I remember it like it was yesterday, when I went to the music store to buy the Playing my game audio cassette as a birthday gift for my sister.

    -Thank you because this SONG is hand by hand with me for all this long time.

    -"I'm sitting down here, but, hey, you can?t see me"... 18 years have already passed since when those notes and those words...

    -Of course I remember when I heard that album for the first time: I knew only Unforgivable sinner and I was curious about that young...

These are just excerpts from our thoughts and memories. Read the full ones on Facebook and let us know your own in the comments!

29 April 2017 - 10:16  
Lene on Instagram!
With a post on Facebook Lene has announced that she has just opened an Instagram account. In the new profile, currently with 1000+ followers, Lene has already posted a picture and a short video in which she appears shining, relaxed, and full of energy.

It looks like The Voice will be a nice adventure. In the Facebook post she tells recordings have started. She cannot share much information by now, but auditions have been really good and she's thrilled for the next months.

Here's her message:

So, I'm finally on Instagram

Just started taping "The Voice". Can't share too much, but I can say this; the people we've heard so far are really, really good! I'm so excited for the months to come!

Will let you know more when I'm allowed to

13 March 2017 - 21:01  
Lene to be judge on The Voice (Norges beste stemme)
Four years after participating in Norway's TV2 musical docu-reality show Hver gang vi møtes, Lene Marlin will be back on television as mentor and judge in the upcoming norwegian edition of The Voice (Norges beste stemme), to be broadcast on TV2 next fall.
Lene has told that in the past years she had received invitations for this role, and this time she will be sitting in one of the four iconic red chairs to build her own team of talents and lead it through the phases of the competition:

"I like the concept very much and I can't wait to start!"

The other judges will be Yosef Wolde-Mariam, Martin Danielle and Morten Harket.

The announcement was made by TV2, and the mentors have confirmed their participation with short clips on the internet: here is Lene announcing being part of The Voice on her Facebook page.

26 November 2016 - 15:48  
"Free" is no more available - an update
Some of you may have noticed that, soon after our last news, "Free" was no more available on SoundCloud.
We are sorry for all the fans who will not be able to listen to it anymore.
We owe you some explanation about this. We asked co-author Jesper Mattsson some information about the song. However, that brought to his attention the fact that the track he uploaded was publicly available, whereas it was not meant to be distributed: it is in fact one of the results of a collaboration between him and Lene (who was unaware of its publication) still waiting for a proper destination - that is, we shall not consider "Free" part of Lene's discography. Hence, Mr. Mattsson decided to remove the song, apologizing for the accident and asking for understanding, which we of course do. However, he was also glad to see our interest, which may encourage him to promote the song even more. So, maybe one day we'll get to hear "Free" again somewhere, and we could believe that would be somehow thanks to us too.
We heartily thank Jesper Mattsson for his availability, kindness, and honesty.

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