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29 April 2005
Interview on NRK1 Topp20
Source : NRK1 Tv
Host: For the first time, of course, here at Top 20, Lene Marlin's new video. Welcome!

Lene: Thanks!

Host: We've talking about secrets today, and it was quickly clear that this was an extremely well kept secret?

Lene: Yes...

Host: There are two types of secrets. The one that is bugging you and you just have to tell someone, and the one that is more joy of telling; which one was it for you?

Lene: I think it has been both of them, because I was very much looking forward to telling about it, while at the same time I have had a guilty concience of not telling people rather close to me, a mixture.

Host: Like for instance?

Lene: I thought I wouldn't put people in a difficult situation of telling them, and then say 'don't tell anyone', so I'd rather keep it to myself. It was a rather fun secret to have, but I was enjoying telling it.

Host: How many knew about this?

Lene: At the end, there were so many knowing it, I'm sure we couldn't have kept it a secret much further. Because, last Friday there were so many knowing about it, so it would just have been one more day, I think.

Host: Incredible fun, and also, you've had peace and quiet, not least?

Lene: Peace and quiet.

Host: Now, when you're coming with a new album, I'm noticing that you now have some curls, and then there's the double pages in the newspaper: 'New image, new music, and...'Is it really like that?'

Lene: (Laughing) You just put in a plug in the wall, and you're using a curling iron, that's all...there's not much new!

Host: There you go...Christopher, you got a new hair style?

Christopher: I got a new hair style, I didn't get one bit of a page, Marlin? It was a radical change, but nobody has written about it. Is it irritating for you that they're putting up your curls and not the album?

Lene: (Laughing) Irritating, no, there are other things to be irritated about; you're just laughing at it.

Christopher: Good, then we can laugh at it together!

Host: Are you still dependent on praise, from people you don't know, for instance Akersgata? (The national papers)

Lene: Ah, I think, not dependent on it; what's great about this is, the album is finished. No matter what somebody says now, it doesn't matter, because it's finished. And this is quite liberating, because you don't have to worry about other people's opinions, and I think many are being influenced by it when you're making the music, and this I was relieved from this time.

Host: What are the new lyrics about?

Lene: Aah...I'm usually not telling that...it's the same daily stuff, it may be about myself, people I know. You can write a song about almost everything.

Host: Is there something here that you haven't been writing about earlier?

Lene: No...no.

Host: But you're telling it in new ways?

Lene: No, I'm repeating myself; takes a lyric from the first album and putting on new music (laughs). Yeah...no, it's difficult to say, it's just new songs.

Christopher: We have a foreman here today, and the foreman also has a question?

The foreman (a girl): In what direction do you feel you have developed?

Lene: I think it's a natural development, not something you are thinking so much about. You are just making the music you feel for, it's difficult to put your finger on what it is, but I believe it's a natural development.

Christopher: It just happens, kind of?

Lene: Yes...

Christopher: Isn't that kind of scary?

Lene: No, the thing about creativity is that, it's better when it can come about on its own, instead of forcing it out.

Host: However, you're the chief then, over the things you do?

Lene: I think all solo artists are, in a way.

Host: Do you think so?

Lene: They ought to have some overview of what they're doing...or else it would be difficult.

Host: When one is so lucky, to have control, depending on how many are interfering...

Lene: I think, you choose how much you want to participate. With this album, the record company really didn't know anything, so there wasn't much for them to say. When I was finished, it would have been strange if I was to pull out of the whole process, so I have been meddling in just about everything, but...that's how it is.

Host: We are going back to this thing with image, because me and Christopher, we were sitting and watching Skavlan, and we agree on that you are looking totally beautiful.

Lene: (Laughing) Thanks!

Host: Thanks for coming, Lene Marlin.

Transcripted and translated by Tef Johs


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