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13 December 2004
Shining Lene
Source : Nrk
Lene Marlin was moved and shining glad at her first concert in Tromsø after the breakthrough. Lene was noticeable affected by standing on the stage in her home town. But got raging jubilations.

- This means so much for me!

Lene Marlin was truly glad to stand before 3000 participants in Tromsøhallen.

- You cannot guess how much this means to me, Lene said again and again between the songs. The star singer in fact had problems to speak, that moved she was.

The concert with Bertine Zetlitz and Morten Abel was her first one in Tromsø after she had become a star.


Lene Marlin appeared as quite rocking on the stage. Together with her hard beating band it became full action on the main stage.

The biggest impression surely the performance of "My love" left. On a provisional stage, amongst the audience, the 24 year-old suddenly turned up with her acoustic guitar.

She took away everyone's breath in the hall with her clear, beautiful singing and simple guitar play. Many might have felt their hair stood on end in the four minutes the song lasted. Surely a great moment also for the artist herself after all the stage fright and illness that Lene from Tromsdalen went through the last years.

Yesterday she appeared as an established artist - also on stage. Even though many might have been a bit surprised at her being so moved between the eight songs she performed.

In addition to "My love" there was among others "Sitting down here", "Another day", "You weren't there" and of course "Unforgivable sinner" at the very end.

The Norwegian pop queen Bertine Zetlitz delivered the goods as well.

She owned the stage and played with the audience between "Adore me" and "Twisted little star".

Zetlitz told that the fans became constantly younger.

- I've heard that a father with his daughter on their way to the nursery agreed about one thing.. And that was which of my songs they were going to listen to, Bertine said to a risible gathering. So the hum song "Fake your beauty" began.

- Hello Bodø!

Well, yes, that will of course be something to write about after this Morten Abel concert as well. Norway's biggest pop star shouted:

- Bodø, Bodø, Bødo...er...Tromsø!

Abel tried to start again and used humor towards the offended Tromsø people.

- Bodø, Tromsø, yes, yes, at least I know in which part of the country I am, the man behind "Tulipz" and "Birmingham Ho" smiled.

Normally it's being controlled by Morten Abel, but yesterday it got a bit half-heartedly and several had gone away before his extra number came.

Tour closing

The concert yesterday was the last one for the trio. According to the organizers it had not been completely full at some places and in Tromsøhallen yesterday there maybe still was space for one thousand people more.

Furthermore, some chose to leave after Lene Marlin - who was on stage first - had finished.

Translated by Daniel


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