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Articles in English from 03-09-03 to 02-10-03

Date Title Source
02/10/03 Chinese opening for Lene Marlin Dagbladet
02/10/03 Chic Paris launch for Lene Marlin Aftenposten
29/09/03 Lene Marlin with a mini debut Bergens Tidende
28/09/03 Full control despite nerves VG
28/09/03 Played for the ex-boyfriend Dagbladet
28/09/03 Nervous Lene met the fans VG
27/09/03 A happy Marlin before cheering fans Aftenposten
24/09/03 Burnt child Elle magazine
23/09/03 Great sales of the Lene Marlin record Bladet Tromsų
23/09/03 Everybody buys Lene Bladet Tromsų
23/09/03 The net catches VG
22/09/03 Uneven, but with highlights (Nrk Another Day review) Nrk
21/09/03 Exotic star VG
21/09/03 Cd of the week (a German radio Another Day review) NDR 2
20/09/03 Great hoopla at Lene Marlin launch VG
20/09/03 - I'm totally overwhelmed. It's just like turning back the time four years Dagbladet
18/09/03 Wants to lower the expectations Nrk
18/09/03 Lene is playing live in Oslo VG
17/09/03 Lene Marlin does her debut concert Aftenposten
16/09/03 75% less Nrk
16/09/03 Lene straight to the top VG
16/09/03 Use the sense, use the net Dagbladet
13/09/03 Norwegian Lene Marlin leakage on the net Aftenposten
13/09/03 Lene's record company threatens with million-figure lawsuit VG
12/09/03 Lene-record for free on the Internet VG
12/09/03 Lene Marlin: «Another Day» (Vg Review) VG
08/09/03 Kine from Tromsų designing for Lene Marlin Nordlys
06/09/03 Lene at TV2, "Zone 2" Lene-marlin.no
06/09/03 Lene at NRK TV, "VG Top 20" Lene-marlin.no
03/09/03 Lene Marlin's early performance NRK Troms 1997 Nrk

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