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26 April 2005
Elastic Lene Marlin single
Source : Bladet-Tromsų
by Stian Saur

Lene Marlin's new single, 'How Would It Be', is the most elastic she has delivered on a record.

I do admit easily that I was disappointed with Lene Marlin's previous album. Now she's up there again, a bit sharp on the edges and kicking off, just like she did when she was on tour last fall.

Then she had put more rock into several of the songs, so they got razor sharp, and 'How Would It Be' is about the best song Lene Marlin has ever made, with the exception of 'Sitting Down Here'.

The sound picture is deeper and wider, the generally merry and slightly hypnotizing guitar strum the song is built around, is gluing itself quickly to the brain, and most important of all: The lyrics are of high quality.

In some way or the other, Lene Marlin is managing combining the things that always have been her trademark, the slightly vulnerable expression, with a catchy baseline.

Because, this is extremely catchy, and just after a few listenings it's crystal clear that this is going to sell well.

When you are noticing the details, the totality gets better, and I almost need to be praising StarGate a bit, the production company that among others is working closely with Espen Lind. They have done a wonderful job, but the greatest and the best achievement is solely accomplished by Lene Marlin herself. She has written an up-tempo song that easily can move the larger masses, and that gets the rock foot going.

If the single 'How Would It Be' is representative of the forthcoming album, I'm very much looking forward to it!

Article translated by Tef Johs


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