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14 January 2005
- Better than 'Sammen for livet'
Source : VG
60 of Norway's foremost artists were last evening gathered at Rainbow Studios recording the song 'Venn' for the profit of the flood victims.

ARRIVED FIRST: Lene Marlin and Espen Lind composed the charity song 'Venn' in less than two weeks.

- This is a bit of Norwegian pop history. I feel that I have been part of something great. I was sitting in the control room while the artists sang in the studio, and I got goosebumps. It was an incredibly strong experience, says Lage Fosheim to VG.

He is the event's promoting manager, but was also singing himself on 'Sammen for livet' in 1985, as a member of the pop group The Monroes. Yesterday, he was present to watch over the artists and the press.

- I must almost get to say that 'Venn' is more magnificent than 'Sammen for livet'. There is something totally special about the song and the result, Lage Fosheim thinks.

- Of course we're looking forward to the audience being able to listen to the song, said Lene Marlin to VG, while she arrived at the music studio on Sandaker in Oslo, together with Espen Lind.

In less than two weeks, the artists have composed the melody to the charity song 'Venn', which will be fronting the double CD in profit of Red Cross' assistant work for the flood victims.

- Are you happy with the result?

- Yeeees, Lene Marlin and Lind smiled simultanously, as they hurried through the doors of Rainbow Studios.

The duo was the first - among a long line of artists - who arrived for participating in the historic recording. The event happens exactly 20 years after Norwegian artists recorded 'Sammen for livet', for helping the hunger-bitten in Etiopia.

Uptempo pop song

- I've heard the song, and it's incredibly nice. It's not a ballad, but an uptempo pop song, with a drive and very catchy refrain. I'd rather say that it's Lene Marlin and Espen Lind at their very, very best, says GramArt's presswoman, Marianne Antonsen, to VG.

She is especially impressed about Lene Marlin and Espen Lind's effort as song writers.

- There's little over a week since we announced a Norwegian 'Band Aid', and during that time, Lene and Espen have managed to create a fantastic song. The response we've gotten has been incredible. We have just about been over-run by Norwegian artists wanting to participate. In the end it was the secretariat at the Spellemann organization who chose the artists who'd be participating, says Antonsen.

According to the spokes woman, the goal is to collect over 10 million NKR for the Red Cross.

- We're going to remain with about 125 - 130 NKR per record. If we sell 100.000 copies, we'll be left with over 12 million NKR, says Marianne.

- The song is being mixed and mastered during the weekend. If everything goes to plan, the audience will be hearing it on radio from Tuesday on. It will, however, not be available for sale before at the end of January, Antonsen informs.

The producer Bjørn Nessjø and the internationally acknowledged producer team StarGate have been working with 'Venn' the whole week, but the vocal recordings yesterday were done in two hours.


According to what VG knows about, several well-known artists - among them Sissel Kyrkjebø and Bertine Zetlitz - who couldn't be present at yesterday's recording, have been in the studio earlier in the week putting on vocal tracks.

- It's correct that we have had several artists in studio putting on vocal tracks for 'Venn', but I can't reveal who they are just yet, says promo manager Lage Fosheim.

Among the celebreties who participated in the recordings was Bjarne Hjelmeland (34), who experienced the flood wave at close range when he was on vacation in Thailand.

- I heard about the recordings today, and wanted to participate. It feels important being here. The whole thing is experienced very surrealistic for me, since I was there when it happened. I see the death numbers who are just rising and rising, and is thinking what if I hadn't made it? says Hjelmeland to VG.

Also in Bergen, the musicians have come together in the hope of helping the victims of the disaster in South-East Asia. Together with cohabiter Kaia Huse, Jan Eggum has composed the song 'Vi tenner lys'. Several Bergen musicians are singing and making the chorus. Among them Ephemera, Trond-Viggo Torgersen, William Hut, Sissy Wish, and Sgt Petter.

Translated by Tef Johs


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