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22 April 2005
Lene tricked everyone with new CD
Source : Nordlys
Before Christmas Lene Marlin recorded a whole new album without even the record company knowing anything. On Friday evening she also took the entire Norwegian musical press by surprise.

TROMSŲ: Friday evening the Norwegian TV-audience got to hear the song that will be the first single from Lene Marlin's new album. Not a single music journalist in the country has known about her being in the studio, before she showed up at Skavlan on NRK.

- Not even the record company knew that I had recorded the album, said Lene Marlin.

Not planned

The background was the she met the successful producers of StarGate in Trondheim, and 'started to rummage with a song or two'. On the plane home to Oslo, she started to let her imagination run riot about them perhaps making a whole album.

- It wasn't exactly the meaning that it should turn out this way, but it was so liberating - without any hustle and people telling me what I should do, said Lene Marlin as an apropos to expectations on Skavlan Friday night.

Expectations are namely not just positive.

- Still, the expectations I'm putting to myself are miles from others.

Expectations she has met before. The first album sold almost 1.7 million copies, and as most of us remember, she was gone from the limelight for four years, before the next album showed up one-and-a-half years ago. That one sold 600.000 copies, something that many meant was a downtrip.

- For others, this was a disappointment, but for me it was totally incredible, said Lene Marlin.

Hank von Helvete, the vocalist of Turboneger, was also a guest at Skavlan.

- What Lene has achieved it totally incredible, and I don't believe people in Norway understand how many albums she has sold, he said.

Fantastic record

EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen (picture) is also very pleased with Lene Marlin's new album.

- Lene has been making songs the whole time since she released 'Another Day', and during the autumn she recorded the album. The result is fantastic, says EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen to Nordlys.

The production company StarGate has previously written songs for, and been producing, international artists like Atomic Kitten, Blue, Mis-Teeq, Cher and S Club 7. The trio Hallgeir Rustan, Mikkel S. Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen have in a short time gotten themselves a name far beyond the country's borders.

- But how does her new songs sound like?

- Much more 'up' than the last album. Lene Marlin will never be an artist to release 'happy chewing-gum' pop, but the new album has more of a rock expression, says Johansen.

- In addition to the musicians she is usually employing, some rock musicians have been involved.

"How Would It Be"

The new album is to be launched June 13th, but already from this Monday the first single 'How Would It Be' is released for radio air play.

- We haven't fully decided upon what to call the new album yet, says Per Eirik Johansen to Nordlys.

- Why has everything been done in secrecy?

- Lene would like to have peace and quiet during the recording, and everything has been done in a very short time. In a very good moment before Christmas, says Johansen.

Article translated by Tef Johs


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