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26 April 2005
Lene shocked Per Erik
Source : Adresseavisen
Lene Marlin recorded an album at StarGate in Trondheim without the record company knowing about it.

GOT SURPRISED: - The worst thing was that the record was damned good, says EMI-manager Per Erik Johansen about the album Lene Marlin and the Trondheim company StarGate created without his knowledge.

The record director Per Erik Johansen from Tromsų discovered Lene Marlin, and was the man who broke her through in 1999. This Weekend the nation got to hear the story about the world star who recorded a secret album in Trondheim. Johansen is guaranteeing that the story is true, something also we can confirm. 'KulturAdressa' did actually call the manager in connection with a rumour about StarGate and Marlin last autumn, but then he answered in the negative. And this for a good reason.

- I'm never lying, because that does not pay off. I just didn't know anything until January, says Johansen now.

- I got more

Three months after Lene having been to Heimdal and recorded her third album, she got in touch with the 'employer'.

- Lene called me and wanted a meeting to be playing a demo for me. After she had played the song, I said that this by no means is a demo, this was a finished single. Then she said: 'I got more', and then she pulled up a whole album. Smartly finished. I've never gotten so surprised during my years in this industry.

The EMI-manager knew that Marlin was doing some film music in cooperation with StarGate, but the extent of the cooperation was kept hidden for many months.

- And this I can't comprehend how they managed to do. This industry is filled with people who love gossip and good stories. This is an enigma, Johansen believes.

Seeing that the whole thing got such a nice outcome, it's easy for the 'rejected' record director to be laughing at it.

- The worst thing was that the record was damned good. And that is somewhat uneasy for the likes of me. We are supposed to all the time having some objections and being masterminds, and then they are managing so well without. At least this time, says the EMI boss.

Good chemistry

According to Johansen, Lene Marlin has recaptured the enthusiasm and the playfulness she showed on the debut album, 'Playing My Game'. It has much to do with the creative freedom the artist got in the absence of media- and industry pressure.

- This was the correct way of doing it this time. That is obvious. And I'm deadly impressed by StarGate. I had never thought they could present such a rock type sound, and according to Lene the chemistry was unique.

- Do you know if they wrote some songs for her as well?

- No! Lene Marlin is writing everything herself. You can swear to that.

The first single, 'How Would It Be', was sent to radio today, and according to Johansen the reactions have been exclusively positive.

Experts of discretion

Discretion has become a trademark for StarGate, and this time that expertise came to its right. In a familiar style, there is not much to get out of the super producers. Mikkel Storleer Eriksen was at work in New York yesterday, and didn't want to comment on the album recordings.

He could only confirm that the album was finished.

Article translated by Tef Johs


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