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14 May 2005
Lene Marlin on Bergensk
Source : bt.no - Guro Istad
Lene Marlin's new video, 'How would It Be', is rolling on the larger music channels. Behind the video is the Bergen firm Alligator Farm.

'How Would It Be' was shown for the first time on April 29 this year. For the moment, you may vote on the video on the Norwegian music channel 'Svisj'. From next week, Lene Marlin's new video is also listed on MTV and ZTV.

Behind the video is director Geir Hørnes and producer Njål Lambrechts of the Bergen firm Alligator Farm.

- When Norwegian artist are launching a new album, the record company is wanting so-called 'treatments' from selected directors. A kind of manuscript contest. We pulled the longest straw, says Geir Hørnes.

Hørnes and Alligator Farm are previously behind the videos of among others Kings of Convenience's "I'd Rather Dance With You", and "Cayman Islands", Ephemera's "On The Surface" on the occasion Gaffa during last years BIFF, as well as Ugress' video "Manhattan Sapphire". The last one without Geir Hørnes in the director's chair.


The video of 'How Would It Be' was recorded in Oslo three weeks ago - with an enormous secrecy surrounding the séance.

- Lene Marlin is said to be the great secret of Norwegian music industry this year. The video was recorded in Oslo due to practical reasons. It was important to do it on her home ground, if not people would have started asking questions about why she was taking residence in Bergen, says Hørnes.

The director thinks the reason for the choice falling on Alligator Farm's manuscript idea, was that they hit well with an idea that fitted Lene Marlin just now - both in image and in musical style.

She unexpectedly showed up at the record company EMI/Virgin with a finished record in her hand, something that thus surprised both audience and the press. In style with the lady herself, Alligator Farm wished to make a video that broke with the expectations to what Lene Marlin stands for.

- This thing about that Lene Marlin can't be rock. This she can so absolutely! says Geir Hørnes, who is impressed with Lene Marlin.

- She is conscious, and is controlling all parts. She has such an incredible good idea about what she's doing. It's very okay to be working with artists who know what they want.

Thus, the Alligator Farm gang are more than happy to work with the Tromsø girl again. However, for the moment, they have no secret projects going on. At least not something they want to talk about...

Translated by Tef Johs


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