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Articles in English from 15-01-04 to 11-12-04

Date Title Source
11/12/04 Million-settlement between Marlin and Svare VG
10/12/04 Norwegian excursion Adresseavisen
05/12/04 Done away with the crisis VG
04/12/04 When Marlin was born as an artist VG
30/11/04 - Feel better than ever before Nordlys
23/11/04 Going to make score Bladet-Tromsø
16/10/04 Lene Marlin tour-debut after 6 years Aftenposten
16/10/04 - Haven't been away Nordlys
15/10/04 Lene: - I’m excited Nrk
15/10/04 Lene Marlin goes on her first tour VG
08/10/04 Rush on tickets before Lene concert Nordlys
06/10/04 Super trio to Bodø Avisa Nordland
06/10/04 Lene Marlin on tour with Abel and Zetlitz VG
06/10/04 Tromsø have been missing Lene VG
06/10/04 Superconcert with Lene Marlin in Tromsøhallen Nordlys
05/10/04 Lene Marlin out of the hibernation VG
02/10/04 Lene to be present at Nordic TV show VG
13/09/04 Earned 20 million on the come-back VG
16/04/04 Marlin cancels VG
13/03/04 On the journey up Avisa Nordland
11/03/04 Lene's tour dates in Europe debunked VG
29/02/04 Ladies' evening (extract) VG
27/02/04 - I won't be making records to the age of 35 Nordlys
24/02/04 Lene Marlin on concert tour Nordlys
23/02/04 - Kurt and Bertine will win Dagbladet
08/02/04 Disagreement about million figure amount VG
29/01/04 Lene Marlin Nrk
19/01/04 Lene Marlin: - Always having some nerves Aftenposten
18/01/04 Lene Marlin - Happy after the comeback VG
15/01/04 Lene Marlin: Back in class again. Spirit magazine (October 2003)

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