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Articles in English from 19-03-99 to 19-07-03

Date Title Source
19/07/03 Lene Marlin: «You Weren't There» single review (Virgin) VG
19/07/03 A thrilling taste Dagbladet
18/07/03 Listen to Lene Marlin singing again! VG
18/07/03 Lene Marlins new track out in Italy Aftenposten
12/07/03 Single could be played next week VG
11/07/03 Has to go to court to get the millions from Lene Marlin VG
10/07/03 From success to complete silence VG
10/07/03 Lene’s new songs VG
10/07/03 Comeback for Lene Marlin VG
02/05/03 Take the bus!! unknown (internet)
04/04/03 - Thank you very much Nordlys
10/08/00 Review Sound Republic (23-9-99) lenemarlin.com
22/03/00 Fjord Focus Smash Hits
03/09/99 Lene Marlin at 18 - It just went that way... Puls.no
08/08/99 Lene Marlin's DIARY Topp
19/03/99 Lene interview @ Wiese NRK1

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