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14 December 2004
- Heck, how nervous
Source : Bladet-Troms°
Yesterday, Lene Marlin came home. The pop star from the arctic sea city. And she was brilliantly satisfied after her debut in the home town.

HAPPY ARTIST: After the concert yesterday, Lene Marlin was brilliantly happy with her effort, and commented that it felt very special to be on the stage in Troms°hallen, in front of an audience of 2.000 people.

- I had never imagined that the first concert I'd do in Troms° should be in a sports hall. However, I have understood that things don't work out the way I have planned in beforehand, and this was a very good conclusion, says Lene Marlin.

Troms° met Lene Marlin after the concert yesterday, and it was obvious that she was happy - and relieved about having held her first concert in the home town. She smiled from ear to ear, and told about a soup of feelings rolling through her throughout the whole concert.

- Oh, heck, how nervous I was before the concert. Totally indescribable, says Lene Marlin.

And we have no problems believing her. There is something special about playing on home turf, in front of familiar people. Those you've gone to school with, and been growing up with.


There were a lot of feelings inside of me when I stood on that stage. It was so special. I've been looking forward through the whole tour to this concert, at the same time as I've been dreading it. This day I've been thinking about a long, long time, says Lene Marlin.

The whole time since she broke through almost six years ago, people in Troms° have been waiting for Lene Marlin.

And it hasn't always been equally easy for the 24-year old to handle the pressure, and the expectations.

Over night, Lene Marlin went from being a totally normal school girl, to being the superstar everyone wanted a piece of.

Lene Marlin came the opposite way into the pop industry. While most others are starting with lots of practice, smaller concerts, more practice, more concerts, and are hoping to be discovered, the Kroken girl didn't get to hold a single concert before she suddenly was on top of the VG chart. It should take many years before she got to do her first real concert.

Now Lene Marlin is born as an artist, VG wrote following the concert in Stavanger.

- I've been learning a lot during the days we've been on tour. There are so incredibly much happening, and it is so much fun. The latter period has been the very best in my entire life, says Lene Marlin.

Now, Lene Marlin is left with a lot of impressions.

However, she promises this is not the end, and that she will be staging more concerts. Because, now she has seen how much fun it is.

- I hope this is not the end, she says.

- Now I've been doing six concerts, and is starting to get skilled in the game, she adds laughingly.

Felt incredibly well

When she now gets the impressions a bit distant, Lene Marlin believes that best of all she will remember when she was sitting in the middle of Troms°hallen, alone with her classical guitar. Although, all alone she was not. Over 2.000 mouse silent Troms° inhabitants were together with her.

- Everyone was so silent. That I haven't experienced anywhere else on the tour. I felt that they had come to listen to me, and it just felt so incredibly well, says Marlin.

- It means a lot to me to conclude here in Troms°. It is very special.

Translated by Tef Johs


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