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25 April 2005
- Have found the woman in herself
Source : VG
Lene Marlin has gotten professional help for appearing in a new and female edition when she today is releasing her first single from her third album.

Linda Sande, who has been working as a stylist for 15 years, has given Lene Marlin useful advice and hints when it comes to how the 24-year-old may find a style when she now is going back into the limelight.

- Flourishing more

- It's correct that I have been helping her somewhat. Lene has become a few years older, and has found the woman in herself. She's flourishing more and more, and is feeling comfortable with herself at the moment, Sande says.

Lene Marlin has so far not been harvesting great frontpages and attention for style and looks.

With simple cuts, jeans, and little colours, the younger Lene Marlin kept focus on the music, and nothing else.

This was also how the fashion journalist Hilde Marstrander perceived the press photos in connection with Lene's second album, 'Another Day', in 2003.

- The press photos shows a Lene whom is asking for your musical interest, but does not want the personal, Marstrander thought.

She noted also that Lene Marlin's style seemed more or less unchanged from when she broke through in 1999.

- The hair style is looking about the same, the clothes equally so, Marstrander observed.

Colour and curls

The change was thus remarkable when Lene Marlin served the happy news that she is pregnant with her third album at 'Først og Sist' at NRK Friday evening.

King's blue, curls, and cleavage is totally new tunes from the woman who did her first live concert in Stavanger in December dressed in black from top 'till toe.

- Lene is a wonderful girl, and you have lot to look forward to in the time ahead, says stylist Linda Sande, without wanting to give more details about how Lene Marlin's new style will be developing.

- Know what she wants

Sande makes it simultanously clear that Lene Marlin by no means is any polished stylist's product:

She has on her own clear thoughts about how she wishes to be dressing and appearing.

Lene Marlin's new album, which got recorded in the deepest secrecy last winter, will be launched June 13th. Already today the first single, 'How Would It Be', is released for radio playing.

Translated by Tef Johs


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