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01 June 2005
Marlin about journeys up and down
Source : Bladet Tromsų
Nobody knew about the album before Marlin suddenly showed up at EMI with a brand new copy under the arm.

- It wasn't like it was supposed to be so damned secret. We didn't for our lives have to keep it a secret, but we saw how incredibly nice it was to be working in that way. To not answer to anyone, and not having any pressure on you. This was optimum. Then we agreed on trying to keep it a secret. The longer we could keep it a secret for the record company, the better.

- And this is how it went, Marlin confirms, and is laughing out loud when we are uttering that she seems allergic to expectations.

- Yes, of course I am. As soon as you go out with something, there gets to be a storm around you. People are sort of coming from all directions. I think I have been in this industry for quite some time. Seven - eight years it has become.

Like a new start

- This time it was like starting all over again. Nobody cared. The songs just came out of nowhere. I wrote several of them underway in the studio. Me and the Stargate guys decided on not taking the word 'album' in our mouths.

- We were far into the process before we realized we had something good going. But then. Shit! Sure d... it will be a record, kind of. It was so great, Marlin remembers.

Don't want to plan ahead

- You are allergic to making plans as well?

- It doesn't work. I have got a lifestyle that doesn't allow it. If I know too much of what is to happen, I get stressed out by it, Marlin explains.


- Being a solo artist is an insanely lonely thing. No matter how many there are going on tour, it is still me who is left with the interviews. It is my name on the album. It is me that has written all the songs. So, whether you want it or not, you are alone in the middle of it.

- All the journeys up and down is on you. And then people don't give a damn whether you have control or not.

- Life got away

- You could safely say that life got away. I lost control over my own time. Received a schedule where it said when I was to rise, eat, be seated in the car. You could get insane from less. Gone is the life that you wrote songs about earlier.

- Not in my wildest fantasies could I imagine that it should be like this. Other people have no condition understanding what I have experienced. Therefore you get a special relationship to those you are working together with.

USA, on the other hand, is still undone and unattempted.

- I said myself no to be launched in the USA. They are still interested. And I understand that people think this is a huge thing. However, I have never done this for the money's sake.

- First off, I need to be away for a long time. At least 7-8 months. I would have become totally insane. People there expect that you are available the whole time. I don't need the USA to become happy. That is another world. I'm not going there. Thus, I'm taking the liberty of saying no, Lene Marlin underscores.

Song therapy: Lene Marlin denies that all her songs are about self-experienced themes. - I'm on the other hand writing songs and texts that nobody get to hear. They are my therapy. My diary with a padlock, she says.

Translation by Tef Johs


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