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14 December 2004
- I am just so inconceivably happy!
Source : Nordlys
TROMSØ: Lene Marlin was brightly satisfied after the concert in front of the home audience in Tromsø yesterday evening.

So she stood there actually. Tromsø's own Lene Marlin. With big applause she got welcomed by a sports hall full of Tromsø people, and she directly showed that it meant much to her.

- I appreciate this so much. It's insanely great for me, she shone from the stage.

2100 people had bought tickets to see Lene Marlins first stage performance i Tromsø since she was present on the Tindtrollrevyen in the middle of the 90s. In addition there was a long guest list including friends, family, former teachers from Tromsdalen school and other acquaintances.

After the concert Lene Marlin happily jumped back stage.

Sentimental as well

When Nordlys met her half an hour later, she shone even more than on stage.

- It was quite simply overwhelming. That was my sixth concert, and to stand in Tromsø and get that contact to the audience, that was incredibly good. But it was a bit sentimental as well. You get so many thoughts while standing there, so I had to control myself not to scream four-letter words, Lene Marlin laughs.

She tells that much has happened during the tour which started on December 4th.

- I'm starting to become experienced now, she jokes, but admits that her nerves were all on edge before the concert yesterday evening.

- I have never been that nervous. But it was so funny, Lene says, and tells that them who had heard several of the concerts say that this one clearly was the best.

Sad it's over

- Now it's about sorting out all that has happened during the time. We're developing us before every evening and everyone thinks it's a bit sad it's over now. I'm just so inconceivably happy we could close all that in Tromsø. This is a bit overwhelming, she tells.

From the stage Lene Marlin could glimpse at known faces in the crowd, and she knew they've been there altogether.

- I don't like to send greetings through the newspaper. But I know who is here. And there are many who I know, she says, before the joy bursts out again.

- I didn't see that it would be like this to go on tour and could experience something new. It's so wonderful to stand there on the stage. And the people are listening, that's unbelievable. When I played My Love outside in the hall - I cannot understand how it's possible to shut up like the audience did it there. It's obvious the people listen. I looked the people directly into they're eyes. They were so focused. It was unbelievably special for me, Lene Marlin says.

- This was simply a good evening, Tromsø's biggest star says before she leaves towards Tromsøhallen to experience Bertine Zetlitz' and Morten Abels performances.

Translated by Daniel


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