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27 April 2005
Lene's image game
Source : VG
Romantic Lene is pale and urban in her new video.

The experts have established that Lene Marlin (24) has discovered the romantic woman in herself. On the video for the next single, 'How Would It Be', she appears on the other hand as black-dressed, pale, heavily made-up, and urbanly trendy.

Nothing is, with other words, homogenous when it comes to Lene Marlin, whom has possibly gotten courage and self-confidence enough to be playing with her own image.

- I'm very impressed by what the director and his team have managed to achieve. I'm looking forward to the final version. I had at least much fun at the recording, she says.

- The video is totally different than all the previous videos we have made, the singer points out, who will be launching her third album, 'Lost In A Moment', in the middle of June.

Marlin showed the new and glamorous edition of herself at NRK1's 'Først og Sist' on Friday evening, where she revealed that the album has been recorded in all secrecy with the star producers at StarGate in Trondheim.

Relaxed schedule

A couple of weeks ago, Marlin performed in London for the top executives of the record company EMI Music, who were gathered to plan the future.

In not too long, Marlin will thus be launching her new album. There are much to indicate that she, with a collected album sales of 2.2 million, will be an international priority, as long as she herself is motivated.

- Lene will get a releaxed schedule, to put it that way. The demands have been lowered substantially. There exists no form of pressure this time. She is herself deciding the tempo, says chief of marketing, Bjørn Rogstad at EMI.

He persistently claims that EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen and the rest of the staff were caught totally off-guard when the singer and songwriter suddenly appeared in the doorway with a totally new album under her arm.

- I know that people don't believe us, but this is really true. Without anybody knowing it, Lene had herself been forging while the iron was still hot, Bjørn Rogstad comments.

Article translated by Tef Johs


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