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15 May 2005
A meeting with Lene Marlin on NRK P2 'Kulturbo'
Source : NRK P2
Host = Christian Marstrander
OA = Ole Andreas
Lene = Lene Marlin

Host: Today, Lene Marlin is coming here. She is going to disprove some rumours about herself. So, we're having a very nice guest today. Yes, I know you've been looking forward to this a long time, because now Lene Marlin is arriving! Also, welcome to you, Ole Andreas.

OA: Thanks!

Host: Nice to see you again, the forelock is in place, as usual?

OA: Yeah...

Host: That's nice! We're getting a nice guest today, whom is it?

OA: That's Lene Marlin!

Host: Welcome to you, Lene Marlin!

Lene: Thanks a lot!

Host: You're welcome, and then, of course, you must speak a little about yourself.

Lene: Yes, my name is Lene Marlin, I'm doing a bit of music on my sparetime, and...

Host: A bit of a hobby, there?

Lene: A bit of a hobby, I'm out with a new single just now!

Host: What is the name of your album, that is coming?

Lene: The album is coming on June 13, and it's called 'Lost In A Moment'.

Host: And the single, we're going to play it. What is it called?

Lene: It's called 'How Would It Be'.

Host: Then I'm getting it, so we can play it! Is that okay?

Lene: That is very okay!

Host: Are you taking control, Ole Andreas?

OA: Yes, mmmh...since you're here, I have to take over a bit.

Lene: (Laughs) Thanks! You must do that!

OA: I have some questions for you. If you were to choose between getting famous through 'Idol' or 'Grand Prix' (Eurovision), what would you choose?

Lene: (Laughs) 'Famous through Idol or Grand Prix...'

OA: Yeah?

Lene: I don't think I would had the guts of appearing in any of those contests, so I don't think I would...this was very difficult to answer! I think, Grand Prix I would never dared to appear on, and 'Idol' I would never have advanced, so it will be neither of the two.

Host: (Returned) So, you took the 'Idol' and 'Grand Prix' question?

OA: Yes, I thought, I liked it so much!

Host: Didn't you manage to answer it?

Lene: Yes, actually, I did, but honestly...the 'Idol' question I have gotten many times, and I would never have dared to appear on it.

Host: So you are chicken, yes, that's handy to know, until next time!

Lene: (Laughs)

Host: We're going to listen to your single now?

Lene: Yes!

('How Would It Be' plays)

Host: That was 'How Would It Be'! Are you a fan of Lene Marlin?

OA: Uhmmm...yeah!

Lene: (Laughs) Yeeeah, think about it now...(laughs).

OA: Uuhh..that is...

Host: Do you listen a lot to Lene Marlin?

OA: That is, the music is nice, but I don't really listen to it that much...

Lene: Oh no, no...listen to this...oy, oy...(laughs)

OA: My sister is a huge fan of you!

Lene: Ah, okay...so I get in that way...

OA: She owns all your albums, so my family is buying your CDs, indeed.

Lene: That is good!

OA: I have listened to your songs a lot, and it's nice, but it may not be my type of music.

Lene: Not your type of music, okay!

Host: What does Lene Marlin have to create to make it your type of music?

OA: Then it needs to be lot harder guitar playing!

Lene: (Laughs) More harder guitar play, okay, I'll put a note down behind my ear!

Host: However, you are a more rock type girl now?

Lene: The album is actually very varied, so I'm very excited about what people will think. People who have heard it think it's very varied, and that there is a lot of different things.

Host: So perhaps Ole Andreas will like it?

Lene: Perhaps, yes!

Host: You have very few concerts?

Lene: Few concerts?

Host: Yes, that one is hearing about, at least, if there aren't some mysterious, secret ones...

Lene: (Laughs) I was on a tour before Christmas, so I felt that was quite much...

Host: You're not on 'Rockefeller' and such things, every weekend?

Lene: No, that I'm not! We'll see now, what we're going to do with this album. I'm itching in my fingers to be playing, and be doing that, so we'll see.

Host: My grandmother has a question for you?

Lene: Okay...(laughs)?

Grandma: One gets to hear so much about such beauties and idols; tell me, how is it with you, do you also put wax on your calves?

Lene: (Laughs) Oooh...fantastic! Oh, God...a bathroom question! Doesn't every girl do that?

Host: No, that is, somebody chooses not to do it of pure idealistic reasons?

Lene: Yes, no, I'm not that idealistic on this!

OA: Do you think it's fun or irritating with fans asking for autographs and such?

Lene: Oh, that is usually good, it depends on how it is done. Somebody is totally rude, then it's not that fun, but for the most part it's very pleasant. People are polite, and do things the right way.

OA: Then we are going to disprove some rumours!

Lene: Okay, exciting! Now I'm excited!

Host: These are some rumours that abound about you!

Lene: Okay!

OA: Is it correct that your favourite hobby is casting stearine candles?

Lene: Absolutely not! (Laughs)

Host: Then we got that invalidated!

OA: Is it correct that each Sunday, you're having a walk in the forest, taking the bark off trees, taking it home and cooking it to mould a Viking ship?

Lene: Think about if I had said 'yes' now! (Laughs). 'Yes, this I do every Sunday'. No, I have to disappoint you, this happens vary rarely!

OA: But it can happen?

Lene: Yes, it can happen.

OA: Is it correct that you every Tuesday, is dressing like Kurt Nilsen and goes out on town?

Lene: (Laughs) It's every Wednesday, so you got the day wrong!

OA: Okay, yes, we just got the day wrong, Christian!

Host: Yes, we're sorry about that. Then we at least can put that rumour out!

Lene: Interesting rumours, I must say!

Host: Thanks a lot for coming, Lene Marlin!

Lene: Thanks a lot!

Host: Thanks a lot, Lene; very nice! Nice of Lene Marlin to come for a visit, that is most appreciated!

Translated by Tef Johs


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