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13 December 2004
Wild pop party in the city's rock hall
Source : Avisa Nordland
Never before has it been this level of atmosphere during a pop concert in Bodų. Never!

Morten! Morten! Morten! The audience was screaming and singing. The audience was in ecstasy. Morten Abel is the king of Norwegian pop, and was received and treated just like that. After the concert in Tromsų tomorrow will Abel take an up to two years break from the throne. However, he will never forget the strong experience in Bodų Spektrum Saturday night, together with 2.500 festive mooded Northerners.

However, we got to hear a lot of good stuff before Morten Abel ended the fireworks with Trendsetter. Among other things, we got to see and hear that Lene Marlin is on her way to becoming a concert artist to be counted on. She was the first artist out on the big stage in the city's new great hall.

Out in the hall

Already on the first song, Sitting Down Here, we got to hear that Lene Marlin should have been among us and been doing concerts a long time ago. After two albums, she has a gorgeous series of songs that people still like. The audience received her well, and were singing unaskedly along on the choruses.

In the middle of the set, she relocated a great distance into the hall, sitting on a chair with an acoustic guitar in her lap. Lene Marlin was singing Can you find me, my love?. Yes, we are on our way of getting closer to her now...

Outwards in the three quarter long concert, the artist from Tromsų was playing and singing as to gain more and more self confidence. She was singing better and better, until she put out the anchor with the wonderful Unforgivable Sinner. However, any great stage personality Lene Marlin still isn't. In addition, it got to be too much band, and a bit too little Marlin in some of the songs. Too much bass and sharp drums in the sound picture took away a part of the other subtleties. But on the whole, this was alright, still. Now we are waiting excitingly on the next move from this wonderful artist.

Before he Abel went off stage, the king had placed the positions in his monarchy. Bertine Zetlitz has become the queen. Lene Marlin is the princess. They gave us a pop show nobody in this country has ever done before.

This was a royal concert package that ruled.

Translated by Tef Johs


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