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14 December 2004
The queen of the ball
Source : Bladet-Troms°
Lene Marlin had got the honour of opening the ball in Troms°hallen yesterday, and she immediately became the queen of the ball.

Lene Marlin impressed with beautiful singing and her classical guitar in Troms°hallen on Monday night.

Everyone had probably expected this in beforehand, but the atmosphere became very special when Troms°'s pop queen entered the stage in the home city yesterday.

It was wild cheering from the very first moment, and community singing from the first refrain on the song Sitting Down Here.

During just a few concerts, Lene Marlin has developed a lot, and learned much. What one notices the most, is that she's more open now, then when I saw the concert in Stavanger. She was communicated more with the audience, and dared speaking more between the songs. But then she is on home ground, and was backed up from the first moment.

Lene Marlin praised the audience up into the skies, and meant that it was the best audience on the tour. This we don't question - and in Troms° they have been waiting many years for just this concert. Lene Marlin up until now has been a pop star only in the strength of her crackingly good pop songs. Now she is also on her way of growing huge as a stage artist.

Still I feel that she's holding back, but on a lot of songs yesterday, Marlin was phenomenal.

And, as previously stated - the atmosphere was exceptionally special.

Sitting Down Here is functioning excellently as an opening track - and the set of Lene Marlin was well thought out. From the fantastic Fight Against the Hours, to the totally calm My Love - where Lene Marlin is sitting alone with her classical guitar among the audience. It was then the magical moment came.

When she is then pulling the atmosphere to the ceiling just after this, with the hit You Weren't There, it gets to be an obvious home victory.

From then on and to the finish line, it was just a charmeur leg for the Troms° artist.

Occasionally, the songs of Lene Marlin became a bit too sinister compared to the party that was rising in front of the stage, but she has been rocking up many of her calmer songs for making them functioning well live. The very best was the final song Unforgivable Sinner, together with Sorry - which is a more unknown pearl that has blossomed in the live format.

All in all it became a perfect stop for Lene Marlin's first tour. Now she deserves a pat on the shoulder, and a real celebration.

Translated by Tef Johs


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