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22 April 2005
New album from Lene Marlin
Source : VG
Lene Marlin (24) has recorded a new album in all secrecy. Not even the record company knew anything at all.

This she confirms in tonight's 'Først og Sist' with Fredrik Skavlan at NRK1. Lene Marlin was in a super mood, was shining more than evern, and celebrated the great evening with champagne in studio.

- It's totally fantastic to finally be able to tell about the secret, says a brilliantly shaped Lene Marlin to VG Nett following the recording av the show.

The album, called 'Lost In A Moment', was recorded in all secrecy - not even the record company knew anything.

Marlin went into studio in September of last year, and has gotten help from the star producers StarGate in Trondheim. Not until January of this year got EMI the knowledge about Lene having the album ready, and this secret they have together been keeping until this evening.

New single

The first single from the album, 'How Would It Be', is ready for the country's radio station's tomorrow. The album 'Lost In A Moment' will according to plan be available for retail sale in June.

Lene Marlin is playing the first single live at 'Først og Sist' tonight, and was gathering praise and large applause.

- I had at the outset all the songs for the album ready before I went into studio, but when I was going, I got so creative that I wrote a lot of new songs, Marlin is telling VG Nett.


During the recording of the show, Marlin expressed relief that she this time could record an album in peace and quiet, and that she is more creative when she is released from pressure. This time she also recorded a new single that the record company didn't knew about.

VG wrote last week that Lene Marlin performed, probably with new songs, when mighty EMI directors from a series of countries were gathered in London planning the future.

Marlin has committed herself to deliver three albums for EMI Music Norway.

Album number three

The debut album 'Playing My Game' from 1999 has sold a dizzy 1.6 million. The focus on the small 19-year-old was enormous, not least after she was elected 'Best Nordic Artist' during MTV Europe Music Awards the same year.

Following the debut album, the breaking pop star withdrew totally from the limelight.

- I just wanted to disappear, she explained four years later when she released album number two.

The album 'Another Day' didn't sell equally well, but received wonderful criticism, among others by VG with a 'five' on the dice.

First tour

Despite her incredible success, Lene Marlin had not been touring before she embarked on a Christmas tour with Bertine Zetlitz and Morten Abel last autumn.

- It feels very right to do this now, and I'm very much looking forward to it, Marlin said to VG.

However, the tour was jointly seen a milion fiasco for the booking company.

Article translated by Tef Johs


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