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Articles in English from 19-07-03 to 21-08-03

Date Title Source
21/08/03 Hands herself over on the new record Dagbladet
18/08/03 Another Day Virgin review Lene-marlin.no
05/08/03 Watch the Porcelain VG
03/08/03 'Another Day', another album from Lene Marlin! The-Raft
02/08/03 When did you crack, Lene? VG
02/08/03 Interview at TV2 TV2.no
02/08/03 - Learned my lesson. Dagbladet
02/08/03 ”It’s good to be back” Nordlys
02/08/03 Lene Marlin as a "Saturday night special guest" (video interview) Nrk Dagsrevyen
02/08/03 A marvellous money gallop Dagbladet
02/08/03 NRK TV interview with Lene Marlin Nrk
01/08/03 Lene sought help VG
01/08/03 Look, she is smiling! Dagbladet
01/08/03 Sleeping Beauty of pop is back Dagbladet
01/08/03 Europe wants Lene Marlin Aftenposten
01/08/03 Marlin denies photo Nrk
31/07/03 Sang and disappeared VG
31/07/03 Lene: "I just wanted to disappear" VG
31/07/03 Nrk Radio Interview with Ingerid Stenvold Nrk Radio
31/07/03 Lene Marlin interview by Radio Tromsø Nrk Troms
31/07/03 An excited Lene Marlin Nrk
31/07/03 Know more about what it is Nrk
30/07/03 Tomorrow Lene Marlin will talk VG
23/07/03 Video next week Dagbladet
22/07/03 Here is "new Lene" VG
21/07/03 Strange Lene-launching Nrk
19/07/03 A hasty start for Lene's new single VG
19/07/03 - I longed to do simple things VG
19/07/03 A darker Marlin returns Dagbladet
19/07/03 Lene on norwegian radio, monday. Nordlys

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