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Articles in English from 02-10-03 to 06-01-04

Date Title Source
06/01/04 Competing for 'Song of the Year' Nordlys
27/12/03 Lene Alone Dagbladet's "Magasinet"
22/12/03 Forgivable Sinner In-side magazine (November)
17/12/03 Pirates took Lene Marlin music VG
10/12/03 A nice girl Lene Marlin Russian magazine
08/12/03 "I would like to study some time" Utropia (student newspaper from Tromsø)
21/11/03 Lene at TV2 Sone 2 Sone 2
21/11/03 NRK P3 Morning Radio broadcast Nrk
20/11/03 Luck is smiling to Lene Marlin Aftenposten
19/11/03 Lene: - Great fun! VG
19/11/03 Have sold 350.000 Nrk
12/11/03 Success in Asia Nrk
08/11/03 New day at the pole All Music
08/11/03 Polar Pop from Norway skandinavien.de [December '99]
30/10/03 I'm out of tunnel Max
29/10/03 Lene M. ready as a Nobel artist Bladet Tromsø
28/10/03 Strong names for the Nobel Concert [extract] Aftenposten
22/10/03 Mark Dunn: The man behind Lene Marlin's new DVD DVD Magazine
22/10/03 Scandinavian gem mcm.net
19/10/03 Slow start for Marlin VG
15/10/03 New courage in the chest Det Nye magazine
14/10/03 Look who's singing Smaalenene newspaper
13/10/03 «Success was nearly overwhelming me» Corriere della Sera
11/10/03 "Invisible" Marlin earned 4 million VG
11/10/03 Fjord Focus OK!/Hot Stars Magazine
08/10/03 Lene Marlin - Back in sad peak condition chilinet.dk
07/10/03 Beaten by Idol-David Bladet Tromsø
02/10/03 Oui Marlin! Nrk
02/10/03 French success predicted for Lene VG

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