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26 April 2005
Lots of praise for Lene Marlin
Source : Bladet Tromsø
Lene Marlin (24) gets praise from every corner for her new song 'How Would It Be'.

GETS PRAISE: Lene Marlin is back with new music, and gets a lot of praise from Norway's leading music critics.

Tone Lise Skagefoss of Kanal 24 and Håkon Moslet of NRK P3 are praising Lene Marlin's new song - and so do also several others.

Lene Marlin surprised, as well known, the whole of Norway on Friday evening. Suddenly she was on the TV screen, singing a totally new song, and right thereafter she revealed that her third album is all good to go.

Over the course of the weekend the song has been sent out to all the country's radio stations, and it is well received.

- Lene Marlin is delivering a more fresh sound, and a more mature vocal, says head of music at Kanal 24, Tone Lise Skagefoss, about the new Lene Marlin song. It has already been B-listed on Kanal 24, meaning that the song is being played several times daily.

Skagefoss, whom is also known as an Idol judge, gets support from the colleague, Ole Morten Føreland, in her opinion about the new single of Lene Marlin.

Føreland is coming from Tromsø, and is previously head of music at Radio Tromsø. Now he is a music producer at Kanal 24, and he is praising the Tromsø girl a whole lot.

More rock-like

- It seems we can be expecting a more mature and perhaps a bit more rock-like album. Naturally, Lene Marlin has grown somewhat in two years, and this one also notices on the new single. Without her getting totally unrecognizable for that reason, says Ole Morten Føreland.

He is, as previously stated, in agreement with his chief, Tone Lise Skagefoss, in that it's a more fresher sound, and this he believes Marlin could harvest new fans from.

- She is reaching many already, at all ages, both here at home and abroad, but a fresher sound from Lene I think is only positive, says Føreland.


Håkon Moslet is head of music at NRK P3, and says Lene Marlin was disappointing on Skavlan, but that the single is actually good.

- It didn't work well on Skavlan; however, there she delivered a more calm, acoustic version of the song. Now that I have heard the original version, it is much better. There is a positive energy in the song, says Moslet, whom is missing a more sparkling vocal production.

- The production and the music filled with a good mood, but Lene Marlin is whispering a bit too much when she's singing, still. This works when you're a young artist, but Lene Marlin is well established now, and needs to come out more, Moslet says.

He thinks the song is reflecting how Marlin has been doing the later time, and has no doubt that there was an important step for her to be going on a tour.

- I head her when she was on tour with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz, and it's a much more happier Lene Marlin we are hearing now. However, I do miss as I said a bit more thrust, and this I'm hoping we will be getting when the album is coming in June, Håkon Moslet closes.

Among the best

- Lene Marlin is among the best songwriters in the country, Asbjørn Slettemark states.

He is the editor of Scandinavia's largest professional paper of the music industry, FaroJournalen, in addition to being the permanent music reviewer at 'Absolutt Underholdning' on TV2.

- In my ears, Lene Marlin has always had the most appeal towards radio with her somewhat simple pop-rock, and just this type of music she is mastering better than most. Her new song is totally OK, but I do think perhaps that the arrangements are a bit domesticated, says Slettemark, who still is looking forward to the finish product.

- I'm very much looking forward to hearing the whole album, the profiled music reviewer closes.

Article translated by Tef Johs


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