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May 15th 2000 Subscriptions collecting starts on lenemarlin.ch
Aug 1st 2000 The designing of the italian website begins
Aug 7th 2000 The site of the italian fan-club is online

Aug 19th 2000 Official opening of the site, called "Lene Marlin unofficial Italian fan-club", hosted by inwind.it
Aug 20th 2000 19 subscriptions collected in the first 24 hours
Aug 23rd 2000 The first Lene.it chatroom is active
Sep 6th 2000 The site is reviewed by HTML.it. Score: 80%
Sep 9th 2000 First episode from our comic "Lene's Story", about the beginning of Lene's career
Nov 23rd 2000 First graphic web-restyling
Jan 17th 2001 The site changes URL to www.lene.it with the new name "Lene Marlin Italian fan-club". Another graphic and contents restyling. New sections opened.
Jan 18th 2001 The Lene Marlin Italian Fan Club Forum is online
Feb 21st 2001 Lene.it English website is opened
Jul 31st 2001 Lene.it is recommended by the popular TV magazine "Sorrisi&Canzoni TV" in the Letters section (scan)
Aug 17th 2001 The Fan Club sends a Birthday card to Lene

Aug 23rd 2001 The Italian Forum is totally renewed: faster and more functional
Sep 24th 2001 Lene.it is recommended by Radio Babboleo, the most important radio in Liguria, during 'Babboleo.it' (more)
Nov 24th 2001 The first Lene.it fan gathering takes place; many others will follow all over Italy
Jan 1st 2002 The new Lene.it chat is online, on the Azzurra IRC Network
May 15th 2002 Two years after the beginning of the subscriptions collecting, Lene.it has 500 members!
Jun 1st 2002 Summer initiative by Lene.it: the fans send from their holiday location a postcard to be published online
Aug 17th 2002 The Fan Club sends a second Birthday card to Lene

Dec 5th 2002 Lene.it reaches up to 100,000 contacts from all over the world!
Dec 25th 2002 New initiative by Lene.it, the "Christmas Card for Lene": the postcard flies all over Italy to be signed by more than 20 fans
Apr 20th 2003 The Fan Club sends to Lene an Easter greetings card
May 22nd 2003 Lene.it graphics and contents are renewed, a few months before Lene's comeback. The International Forum is opened
Jun 9th 2003 Lene.it gives the exclusive news about the title of Lene's comeback song after more than 3 years: it's "You Weren't There"; in the following days more exclusive news about the new album come
Jun 14th 2003 Other changes brought in the Italian Forum
Jun 16th 2003 The offerings collecting for the Fan Club officially starts. The cash-in-hand fund is opened
Jul 10th 2003 The exclusive news by Lene.it about Lene's comeback are quoted by norwegian radios and newspapers
Jul 17th 2003 Lene.it discloses everyone once again, letting the fans listen before everyone else "You Weren't There"
Jul 31st 2003 Lene Marlin tells about us on the norwegian radios (news)
Aug 16th 2003 The Lene Marlin Italian Fan club reaches up to 1,000 subscriptions - 500 new subscriptions in only 3 months
Aug 17th 2003 The fan club makes a present of an artistic pizza plate to Lene and sends to her the greetings from all her fans

Sep 8th 2003 Exclusive - Lene.it publishes, some days before the release of the album in stores, all the lyrics from "Another Day"
Sep 19th 2003 1st meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 1 and first national fan-club gathering in Milan. Earlier in the afternoon Lene was guest in the TV show Play.it, meeting there some first fans.
Lene.it is invested with officiality by Lene's management
Sep 20th 2003 1st meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 2: Festivalbar finals at the Arena in Verona. Six fans meet Lene by chance after the show
Oct 6th 2003 Lene's scheduled visit in Milan at TRL is postponed due to health problems, but the fanclub is there and loud in Piazza Duomo
Oct 9th 2003 2nd meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy: TRL, Top Of The Pops and cd:live in Milan.
Oct 13th 2003 "Il Corriere della Sera", the most famous italian newspaper, gives the Entertainment page to Lene. In the article they tell about Lene.it and some guys from the fanclub are interviewed
Dec 3rd 2003 3rd meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 1: Lene is in Milan, guest on Play.it, Select MTV, Disney Channel, and gives some radio interviews
Dec 4th 2003 3rd meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 2: Lene is guest on Top Of The Pops in Milano
Dec 7th 2003 Collaboration between italian Radio Capital and Lene.it: after a poll, the song "Disguise" is chosen and airplayed for some weeks by the radio
Dec 25th 2003 On Christmas, the Fan Club sends to Lene a book containing photos and messages from all the fans who joined the project
Apr 11th 2004 The Fan Club delivers to Lene a flower basket as an Easter gift
Jul 10th 2004 Lene.it reaches up to 500,000 contacts in homepage!
Aug 17th 2004 The Fan Club sends to Lene some presents for her birthday

Oct 10th 2004 The Italian "Experiences" section is opened, containing all of the pictures and reviews from our history: meetings, journeys, concerts, and more
Dec 4th 2004 1st meeting with Lene Marlin abroad. First tour ever in Lene's career: 17 italian fans fly to Oslo to be at her concert at the Oslo Spektrum (8 songs). First meeting with the norwegian fans from lene-mariln.no. The italian fans meet Lene after the show and bring to her a pendant as a congratulations present. On Dec 13th, at the last concert in Tromsø, Lene's native land, an italian fan is present and is interviewed by the newspaper Bladet-Tromsø
Dec 18th 2004 The international "Experiences" section is opened in a new graphic format also for the Italian section
Jan 23rd 2005 The fan club reaches up to 2,000 subscriptions!
May 2nd 2005 On the occasion of Lene's third album, re-arrangement of the homepage, with more functions, new graphics and other updates.
The first of many following contests is launched, with many official prizes offered
May 12th 2005 The Chart section is developed in order to keep everyone always updated about the trend of Lene's songs and albums in the sales and airplay charts from all over the world
May 20th 2005 Exclusive - Lene.it publishes a preview of all the lyrics from Lene's third album "Lost In A Moment" and announces that Lene will be in Rome for the first time the following month
Jun 9th 2005 4th meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 1: Top Of The Pops and cd:live in Milan
Jun 10th 2005 4th meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 2: Lene is in Genova, guest on TRL. On this occasion the fan-club confers to Lene a plaque for the 5 years of the fanclub, as a sign of our friendship and affecion for her
Jun 13th 2005 Lene Marlin's third album "Lost In A Moment" is out. In the booklet Lene thanks also Lene.it
Jun 19th 2005 5th meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 1: Festivalbar in Viterbo
Jun 20th 2005 5th meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy, day 2: Lene's first showcase (4 songs) in Italy, in Rome at the Messagegrie Musicali in Via Del corso. A hundred fans come to the event, making it the biggest fan gathering ever. The norwegian newspaper VG (a reporter and a photographer of which are at the showcase) tells about it
Jul 10th 2005 6th meeting with Lene Marlin in Italy: Festivalbar in Arezzo
Jul 12th 2005 2nd meeting with Lene Marlin abroad: 7 italian fans fly to Amsterdam to see Lene performing in a showcase concert (6 songs) reserved to EMI representatives. Meeting with the european fans, winners of the 12 exclusive tickets given as a prize after a contest by the official site lenemarlin.com
Jul 16th 2005 The winners of the contest "Lost in a Photo" are announced. This Lene.it game put the fans' fantasy and creativeness at stake: they had to take a picture including the cover of the "Lost In A Moment" album
Jul 20th 2005 Lene.it is the "best fansite" according to the official site lenemarlin.com
Aug 17th 2005 The fanclub makes a present of a few little Swarovski piano and guitar-shaped jewels to Lene for her birthday.

Aug 19th 2005 The Lene Marlin Italian Fan Club turns 5
Sep 7th 2005 Lene.it announces that Lene Marlin is recording a new song ("Still Here") for the Asian market
Oct 19th 2005 Lene Marlin starts a 2-weeks promotional tour in Taiwan and China. Lene.it, thanks to the collaboration of some asian fans, provides first the "Still Here" video, plus daily reports. Newspapers in Taiwan tell about the fanclub, and in Norway they take Lene.it as their source for their reports
Nov 19th 2005 Lene.it launches the "Lene.it Christmas Game", a contest-game based on the collection of 36 artistic cards, each one dedicated to a song by Lene, and published day by day until Christmas. Lene herself is the sponsor for this game, the contest with the highest jackpot ever: she will draw the winners of the final superprize
Jan 22th 2006 First international chatroom opens
Jun 23th 2006 Lenemarlin.eu opens: a project by Lene.it aiming to become a nodal information hub for all Lene's fansites and european fans
Jul 22th 2006 Lene.it reaches up to 1,000,000 contacts in homepage

Aug 9th 2006 3rd meeting with Lene Marlin abroad: 15 fans from Lene.it and many others from France, Switzerland and Holland meet Lene in Geneve, at the Miss Switzerland finals, where she performs "Avalon" together with Lovebugs. The longest part of the meeting takes place after midnight, when the fanclub gives Lene a very special present that moves her: a star named after her and registered in the catalogue of heavens
Nov 11th 2006 2006 "Christmas Game": Create your own puppy and win The Sims 2 - Pets (only for Italy). The game is held with courtesy of Electronic Arts and lets five people win the videogame The Sims 2 with the expansion pack Pets, containing a special version of Lene's "What If" in simlish language
Dec 12th 2006 4th meeting with Lene Marlin abroad: Lene is in Switzerland again with Lovebugs for the 2006 Sports Awards. 19 fans from Lene.it meet her at the Expo and give her a digital photoframe as a Christmas present
May 30th 2007 Lene.it exclusive: Lene Marlin has co-written the title-track of Rihanna's third album "Good Girl Gone Bad"
Jun 22th 2007 Following Avalon's promotional activities in Norway, Lene and Lovebugs perform together in Oslo in the free concert organised by VG. Two italian fans are there

Aug 25th 2007 5th meeting with Lene Marlin abroad: 12 italian fans fly to Tromsø to see Lene at Døgnvill Festival, where she sings 8 songs, and greet Lene's family too. After the concert the fans from Italy and other three from Scandinavia meet Lene and the band for about 50 minutes in a hotel congress room booked by Lene's management for the occasion. Lene receives a little cake-shaped Swarovski jewel and a selection of italian food as a present for her birthday
Aug 31th 2007 Lene.it exclusive: Lene to take part in eight shows of Julegalla 2007, a scandinavian Christmas show, in four different cities of Norway
Oct 23th 2007 Our webmaster Zuzzy is interviewed during a programme hosted by Stephy, a fan of ours, broadcast by Radio Zammù. He talks about the fanclub and tells its story
Dec 25th 2007 The fanclub sends to Lene a rose in a glass, a candle from Alto Adige and torroncini as a Christmas present, as well as a greeting card
Dec 27th 2007 Lene.it opens a series of anniversary news for Lene's ten years of career
Feb 5th 2008 Lene.it gets official news about Lene being collaborating with norwegian artist Aleksander With
May 25th 2008 Updated rules for the community (Forum, Guestbook, Chat) and re-styling of the menus in the homepage
Jun 27th 2008 Lene.it exclusive: Lene Marlin writes a song for german band Marqess, entitled "All Gone"
Aug 16th 2008 6th meeting with Lene Marlin abroad: four italian fans reach Sokndal, Norway, to be at the Dalane Kulturfestival. The concert is held in a cave. Lene sings nine songs, then meets the fans and receives a cake for her birthday. The same day Lene confirms she's working on her fourth album

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