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21 September 2003
Cd of the week (a German radio Another Day review)
Source : NDR 2
Four years have passed since Lene Marlin published her debut album with the hit single “Unforgivable Sinner” – an astonishingly long time for an artist, who had caused such a boom. A boom she herself was surprised by – Lene needed this long time in order to think about how it should go on. She hadn’t taken into account the fact that the success would claim enormous efforts with tours, interviews and promotion, which seem to suck out one’s last blood cells sometimes. Did she still have that passion inside of her to write rich music?
The break surely proved itself to be a wise decision for Lene - unlike other artists, who failed their second records due to the great pressure of the media and the record labels - manages to carry on where she left off with “Playing my Game” quality-wise.
When Lene finally saw her way clearly in front of her again she made a big step into growing up musically.
She found calmness, could take care of other things again and developed through this.
Therefore, her music sounds calmer, more settled, less playful.
In songs like “Faces“ or the first single “You weren’t there“ Lene’s vulnerable, fragile seeming voice, that reminds of Dido or the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan, is in the foreground. Another Day sounds less spherical than Dido and less rocky than the Cranberries, this is flawless pop music, bursting with passionate melodies. Songs like “Whatever It Takes“ or „Disguise“ are perfectly right for a Sunday morning that follows a long Saturday night.
However, they also mirror the Norwegian, melancholy mentality and therefore present themselves perfectly as a soundtrack after a long autumn walk for instance.


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