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23 September 2003
Everybody buys Lene
Source : Bladet Tromsų
Bladet Tromso
Pileing: Anders Johansen at Record Company store had to refill lots of times in the Lene Marlin shelf yesterday.

Idol-Kurt was predicted to be this year's king of sales in the record stores. However, that was before the first spot was challenged by the potential queen Lene Marlin.

- Everybody's buying this record. Not just the youth, but people at all ages, says salesman Anders Johansen at Record Company store.
Yesterday Lene Marlin's long-awaited sequel album Another Day was released. Across the whole of Europe the fans have almost been standing in line getting to buy the follow-up to Playing My Game.
- We have sold a lot, an incredibe lot. However, I don't have any numbers, says the record salesman.

Million sale

- Idol-Kurt sold a lot of singles. Incredibly many singles, even. However, not as many have been buying the album. The album of Lene Marlin, on the other hand, that is really sought after, he says.
Throughout the Monday he has stacked new copies of Another Day into the shelves.
- It is mostly the record. Not that many have asked for the DVD-edition, he says.
As much as 2.2 millions bought the first record. And that without the Tromsų-girl getting on stage to do live concerts. Now she has already met and performed for the fans in Italy. Eventually, she'll be doing the same here in Norway - by doing mini concerts in relation to the launch of the album.
EMI is probably counting on a few millions of the new album as well.


After Lene Marlin's break with the public three and a half years ago - and in the middle of the launch of Playing My Game, her music has incredibly enough stayed popular, and have been played. Meanwhile the pop industry and interested parties in Europe and Japan waited with yearning on the sequel.
All fans meant it had to be good.
And even though the sixes haven't actually been queueing up, the reception has been good. The sounding board has been ready with the butcher's knives, but still has found it very audible.
And as EMI Music's most valuable Norwegian artist, much have been done to maximally launch both the hit and the album. That's why You Weren't There alone was sent to radio stations far in advance of the retail sale. And when it eventually came to the store shelves, it didn't need more than a week to climb to the top of the lists here at home.


An unexpected event occured when the album - originally to be held secret until yesterday - was put out in its entirety on an internet base. Thus, the ones most yearning for Lene Marlin had access to the new songs one week earlier than what EMI Music had planned.
Now they have reported the pirate copying of Lene Marlin's new album Another Day to the EcoCrime.
What this will turn into, is not easy to tell. The case is under investigation. In the meantime, Lene Marlin's album Another Day is selling in buckets and pails - as well in the record stores of Tromsų as in corresponding shops in Dublin, London and Rome.

Translation by Tef Johs


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