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27 September 2003
A happy Marlin before cheering fans
Source : Aftenposten
A smiling Lene Marlin held Saturday afternoon a mini concert and signed albums in front of wild fans at an overcrowded Oslo City.

The shopping mall was chock-full of fourteen-years old who had secured the best spots hours in front. Somebody had even lined up in front of the centre earlier in the day.At 14:10 Lene Marlin entered the stage, and the jubilation reached the rooftop.

Flashes everywhere, videocameras buzzing, and SMS's being sent everywhere by younger girls, although a message had just been sent out that there were clear rules that camera's, videocameras and cellphones had to be turned off during the event.

- It's good to be back, Marlin smiled, and went on doing four songs from her new album Another Day before she said thank you from me, and went off stage.

Debut concert

The mini concert on Saturday was correctly enough short, but it seemed that it did warm the fans well in the cool autumn weather. In between each song the 23-year-old Marlin received applause and jubilation. With her on stage, she had a drummer, a bassist, and two men on guitars, while she herself sat with her classic guitar on a stool.

The concert was in fact Lene Marlin's first official concert with a full band on Norwegian soil. In August she played two acoustic songs unannounced at a small café in Oslo. Earlier this month she participated during a concert in Italy, where she performed the single track "You Weren't There" in front of 20000 Italians.

It's over four years since her debut album "Playing My Game" was released. Since then she has sold close to two million copies of the album, but have kept away from the limelight. Until this Saturday when she chose to play for free before wild fans at Oslo City. - Special

- It's somewhat special making my debut in this way, Lene Marlin admitted before the journalists who got an audience with her between the concert and the album signing.

- I know more about the record industry now, she stated.

Marlin's new album Another Day has been well received by the critics and the fans.

- I observe that people are receiving my new album well. I'm happy and satisfied, and having a good time. It's just great that people have been receiving me this well, said Marlin.

Sad songs, happy girl

The new album is more melancholic and darker than her debut release.

- These are sad songs, yes. However, I'm incredibly happy, Marlin smiled, and explained she has to put herself into a certain mood to work out the songs.

She reveals that she also writes some happy songs as well, but it's not possible to say if they're going to be included on her next album.

Afterwards there was album signing sessions, and the Marlin-fans competed to get first in line also there, to secure autographs on posters and album covers.

Translation by Tef Johs


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