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28 September 2003
Nervous Lene met the fans
Source : VG
- I'm so incredibly happy, a relieved Lene Marlin (23) said, after her first announced live performance in several years.

Hello: - Hi. I'm glad that you all could come, said a low-voiced Lene Marlin to the audience before her first announced concert in several years.

The location was Oslo City. According to the record company, a total of 6000 cheering fans were packed chaotically in the escalators and up throughout the three floors of the shopping mall.

Lene Marlin is apparently back with a full engine again, after having avoided the limelight for three and a half years.

Because now Lene is smiling to life again. When a journalist after the Oslo City performance comments that she seems happy again, she answered:

- I'm so incredibly happy.

- Have you come back to stay now?, the question from VG sounded.

- I don't know. I take one day at a time, but right now I'm having a very good time.

Not that strange, perhaps. The single You Weren't There went straight to the top of the lists both in Norway and Italy, her latest album Another Day obtained a dice throw of five in VG, and when she recently took a short trip to Italy and performed for 20 000 Italians at Festivalbar, a star-packed show which gather six millions in front of the TV-sets, it was boiling at Arena Di Verona.


The boiling point was neither far away in Oslo yesterday. Blitz lamps were blinking, video cameras buzzed, and younger girls were sending text messages. Despite that those who attended just before this had gotten a strict message about it being forbidden taking pictures, doing video recordings, and using a mobile phone. Lene Marlin played four songs from the album Another Day, and the young audience exulted and was clapping benevolently after each song.

After the performance she also gave a short interview. And admitted she was nervous before the meeting with her Norwegian fans.

- I didn't sleep well last night. I was so incredibly nervous, says Lene Marlin and looks down into the table.

- When I saw all the people that had attended, I became totally shaky.

- However, it was great to meet the fans. It's been a long road. I get incredibly proud about that so many came.


An hour earlier Lene came, sat down on a bar stool on the stage, quite anonymous in her clothing. The audience was clapping, Lene Marlin tuned the guitar, and said a low-voiced hello, before she poured herself some water, and said:

- Hi. I'm glad that you all could come.

This was followed by the concert, jubilation, and a bit of chaos. Over 500 people had drawn a queue note to get a signed album from Lene Marlin. The line was turning all the way around the 3rd floor of the shopping mall, from the escalator and the whole long and narrow path into the Record Company store. There Marlin was followed by a personal security guard, who barked watch yourself to the pressmen who had attended. 20 guards from Personel Security were guarding the line.

The small star from Northern Norway can point to 1.8 million sold albums and at least the same amount of singles, along with a bank account few Norwegian artist can show for themselves.

Translation by Tef Johs


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