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03 September 2003
Lene Marlin's early performance NRK Troms 1997
Source : Nrk
(Unknown track plays - 1)

Lene: I guess it started in the 8th or 9th grade, I believe. I was just sitting innocently outside a music room and playing all by myself, and then the whole class gathered around me, and that was kind of exciting. That's when it all started, I can't remember anything before then. That's when I started to write.

Reporter: Behind the artistic name "Adelia" you are hidden, Lene Pedersen. And now you have ambitions to get out of the girl's room and out in the world. Have you been sitting many hours in your room, playing and singing?

Lene: Yes, it's been many hours altogether, that's true. But it has just been fun. Some songs take a long time to create, while others come more easy, so...but it's been many hours, yes it has.

(Unknown track plays - 2)

Lene: It's quite difficult to categorize the music, it's ballads; people say it resembles Unni Wilhelmsen, and that's maybe the style I want to play in. Just the guitar and myself.

Reporter: You mentioned Unni Wilhelmsen, but do you have any idols that inspire you when you're making music?

Lene: Yes, she is one of them, and then we also have Sway; firstly he's from Tromsų, and he makes his own songs, so I look up to him a bit, I'd have to say. We could hope I'd get as great a success as him!

Reporter: Now we're sitting at the levers in one of NRK's studios. And here you've been located the last few days, recording music, and how has that been?

Lene: Yes, it's been new to me, all this. It's been very exciting and it's been fun to watch how things take place. It's not as easy as I thought, that's one thing for sure.

(Unknown track plays - 3)

Lene: I'm prepared to...I want to do more than just sitting at school.

Reporter: What is the next step then, Lene?

Lene: The next step...; I do want, of course, for a record company to like what I'm doing, so perhaps I can release an album, that's my big dream!

Reporter: Yes, you are really putting your money's worth into this, I see, and if we're about to see four - five years into the future, what do you hope that Lene Pedersen is doing then?

Lene: Then I hope that my music have become well-known, that I at least have fulfilled my dreams. Then I'll be satisfied if that's happened in five years. I'll be great, perhaps. That is a dream.

("Flown Away" demo starts playing)

Translation by Tef Johs


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