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23 September 2003
Great sales of the Lene Marlin record
Source : Bladet Tromsų
Lene Marlin's album Another Day is expected to reach the sales top already next week.

The records of Lene Marlin are being sold at a great speed, more definitively at twice the rate of the next artist on the list.
- With such a sale we count on that she's going straight into the top of the Top40 lists already next week, says sales manager at EMI Norway, Kenneth Ruiz Davila.
EMI have already sent out 65 000 copies of Lene Marlin's latest album, Another Day. The goal is to sell 100 000 copies before Christmas. Davila believes that's going to be an easy task.
- I think we're going to reach that goal way before Christmas, he says.
EMI Music is heavily commited to the marketing of Lene Marlin and her latest album.
- She is an impetus both in the sale of the last album she's made herself, but also an impetus for the whole industry, he says.
However, any predictions about the total sale of the album, at home and abroad, the sales manager at EMI Norway has not.
- We know that it sells very good also in Italy. However, how much it will sell, I don't dare have any opinion of. At least not yet, he says.

Translation by Tef Johs


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