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16 September 2003
75% less
Source : Nrk
Only orders one quarter

The spreading of Lene Marlin's new record on the net is likely to have consequences for the sale, some record shop owners believe who are not part of any larger chain. The great chains are, however, optimistic in regards to the sale of "Another Day".

Leif Tore Torkehagen at Torkehagen Music at Rudshøgda (a place in Oslo) is going to pre-order 75% less of the Lene Marlin record than what he would have done before it got on the net.

- I will pre-order about 75% less of this record than usual. An amount of 1000 would perhaps have been more correct for me. Now, it's just going to be 250.

Take their precautions

- The previous Lene Marlin album did sell very well, and now there's a new album that's already on the net, which most people can download. This will have consequences for us who run a record shop which only have CD-records. We can't get to sell as many over the counter as we'd have liked, says Leif Tore Torkehagen in Torkehagen Music at Rudshøgda.

Small specialist music traders who aren't part of any chain are more likely to feel the variations in the sale than the greater, nationwide chains. That's why Torkehagen takes his precautions, and orders much less of the album than he otherwise would have done.

- Ought to get large fines

The Record Company says in a comment that they won't take in any less than they usually would have done of the Lene Marlin record. They hope it will still sell well despite it being available on the net.

At Free Record Shop they have the same attitude.

- Our attitude is still, like it was before it was leaked, that we're going to make this one of the Fall's greater priorities. However, it's of course a factor that it's on the net. But we have such faith in that our customers will be looking for the real product that we're running this as usual, says Kjartan Slette at Free Record Shop.

Torkehagen Music at Rudshøgda believes someone ought to get a real smack in the fight against illegal spreading of music on the net.

- An offensive from the record companies ought to do it. I think they who are doing this should get large fines, so large as to really hurt.

Translation by Tef Johs


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