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06 September 2003
Lene at TV2, "Zone 2"
Source : Lene-marlin.no
In this show, Lene was a guest in the studio the whole time, for almost 30 minutes, while other parts of the show was aired as well, like movie reviews and a larger part about the Danish band Saybia.

Lene said it was strange to be back, and when asked if she'd been watching her own videos at home, she revealed she didn't own any videos of herself. She also felt that she actually had been talking quite little about the record, despite the numerous interviews the last weeks. However, she quickly agreed that this issue could be left for later, when the album was actually out. When asked by the host Gaute, she admitted she likes watching the TV-series "Friends", but would not compare herself to anyone of the six friends in particular, but perhaps she was something in-between.

Bowling and sweeties
Then the issue of her bowling skills came up, but no, Lene had been playing just once, and felt somewhat embarrassed by these things coming up, and denied being a great bowler. That was not her strongest side, she said, and she couldn't remember how many points she got while playing, it was a long time ago. She also revealed that she was not very fond of sweeties or snacks, but she ate a bit of potato chips, with salt and pepper, just original salty chips, or even cheese and onion. However, she wouldn't try "French Fries" (the snack) as she liked to stick to the original things.

Sweedish ice-cream
Lene admitted she used to love a particular Swedish ice-cream, and she could even remember that when she was a little girl, it used to cost 3.50 nkr, and that this ice-cream was "white with yellow horses, tasted synthetical, but was very good anyway". Lene said she doesn't like the heat in the Summer time, and that she was looking forward to the fall, because, after all, she was from the northern city of Tromsų.

The host Gaute asked her if she liked to go hunting, but Lene denied that, and said he must have done "some bad research", while both of them laughing. Lene thought it was quite strange with all the questions she'd been receiving over the years, just because she was a "good songwriter" (Gaute's words). Lene revealed she was never good at answering simple questions in the "quiz style", and that she ought to just say "next questions please" whenever that happened.

Down to earth
The host Gaute meant Lene was very down-to-earth, despite she being one of the world's greatest pop stars. Lene thought it all felt somewhat unreal, and that she didn't exactly understand what she was doing all the time in her first round of promotion traveling. She realized that perhaps she ought to start writing a diary. She could "reveal her inner feelings and thoughts, she and David Beckham", as the host put it, which made Lene crack up really good. However, Lene said she felt she's revealing so much about herself in her lyrics, that she had to keep something for herself. After this discussion, the "You Weren't There" video was aired.

Movie quiz with an expert
Lene admitted she loved watching movies, and that she watches a lot of DVDs at home. She also knows a lof of strange actor names, and that she's quite knowledgeable in that field. Lene got to prove that when she was allowed to ask TV2 Zone2's movie expert the following question: "Who was to originally star as the Terminator instead of Arnold?" The expert didn't know the correct answer, and Lene told him it was O.J. Simpson. She then asked the "expert" whom the second person was who was originally intended for the part, and once more she had to tell the correct answer, which was Lance Henriksen. When asked, Lene said she used to be a great fan of the actor Tom Hanks, but that now she was more in favour of Jack Nicholson. Lene than got a present from the host Gaute: A "Road to Perdition" script booklet. When asked about her favorite Tom Hanks movie, she had to think for a few seconds: "Dum...dum...dum ...Forrest Gump!" However, she finally decided on "Philadelphia" as best Tom Hanks movie.

Idol concept revisited
On the topic of the aforementioned Idol concept, "taking the sales list from the real artists", as the host Gaute put it, Lene answered much in the same way as in the NRK TV interview above. It was four strict judges, the candidate singing a bit of a song, and there was interruption, followed by a "in" or "out". She hoped that not many got their dreams crushed. She thought she would have gotten the message "do something else" herself, if she had been an unknown participant. Lene said that "if you're used to your own bedroom, then it would be hard getting through the initial stages". Lene actually liked Idol-Kurt's version of the U2 song "With or without you". The Trondheim girl Rebecca Ludvigsen sang her version of "Unforgivable Sinner", and the host Gaute admitted he thought "it was not as good as the original". However, Lene said it was kind of special, as she had not heard anyone else singing that song before. She felt honored by it, she admitted. Lene certainly didn't think "Unforgivable Sinner" would have any increase in sales because of it, even if the sales of Saybia in Norway had been boosted many times over by the Kurt effect. "Probably a long time since I've sold a record!", she said, laughing in self-irony.

Playstation competition
Then the subject of playing on a Playstation came up, as Lene was competing with a caller in a little game by guessing if well-known people were home or not as they started phoning them with a mobile phone. Lene and her competitor both got presents. Of three games total, Lene won 2-1, but kind as she is, she gave almost all her presents away to the caller. Lene only got to keep a bunch of CD's and the "Road to Perdition" manuscript she had gotten earlier in the show.

Reality series
In the end, Lene admitted to not watching either of the current TV reality series. Instead, she's just out traveling, but maybe she'd be watching them sometime soon. At the very end, Lene revealed she had no plans for this Weekend. She was just going to relax, and smilingly she refused to answer the final question about her friend Stian Barsnes Simonsen.

Translation by Tef Johs


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