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22 September 2003
Uneven, but with highlights (Nrk Another Day review)
Source : Nrk
After a lot of turbulence concerning the come-back of 23-year-old Lene Marlin, she's now finally ready with the follow-up to the debut album Playing My Game. And, even though Another Day is an uneven record, there are many reasons to wish Marlin welcome back.

Those who had expected that Lene Marlin would use the come-back for a musical, high-voiced hello, here I am, you haven't forgotten me, have you, will be disappointed. Another Day is, if possible, even more careful and even more dampened in its expression than the debut album Playing My Game from 1999.

Life experience

For, after the success debut which made the Tromsų-girl into a superstar, the trip down came. Marlin withdrew suddenly totally from the limelight, and a collective international musical press were speculating in the causes until one realized that it could make bad even worse. And, it's a 23-year-old with a good portion of life experience who assures that, yes, now I'm just fine.

Another Day spans from the dark and melancholic, to the lighter and optimistic. The acoustic, almost naked sound picture, helps enhance the message in the lyrics of Marlin.

At the same time, the elements of electronic sounds help to keep the listener at a distance. In this way, Another Day becomes personal, but never private.

Uneven record

On the whole, Another Day is an uneven album. Several of the tracks get to be too monotonous and anonymous. However, in the same way that it was the solitary tracks contributing to the huge success of Playing My Game, Another Day also offers some little pop jewels which raises the general impression considerably.

Most interesting is the song Fight Against the Hours, which parts from the more lighter, airy pop songs on the rest of the album. And which perhaps shows in what musical direction Marlin might be headed further on. With Another Day it is not hard to wish Lene Marlin welcome back.

Translation by Tef Johs


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