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06 September 2003
Lene at NRK TV, "VG Top 20"
Source : Lene-marlin.no
Lene got a very high round of applause when introduced, and had a conversation with the program host. She said her melodies were mostly inspired by her own environments. They had a quick run-through of her previous inspiration sources, and using video cuts, Lene could agree that U2, Alanis Morisette, Travis and Coldplay all were great sources of inspiration. When asked about the fact that nowadays the videos usually come much earlier than the actual CDs (singles), and that Lene's video had been aired a lot, she could only refer to the fact that she was very happy about having gotten a track out in public, and that she felt a bit of nervousness concerning her return.

Question round
After the video of "You Weren't There" had been played, there was a round of questions for Lene coming from the viewing audience, by mobile phone or the internet. The first question was about how she writes her songs, and if she knows how to do musical notation. Lene said she still doesn't know how to write notes, and she didn't care much for learning it either. She just uses a few known grips on her guitar, and tapes it, or tries to remember the song. The second question was whom she would've liked to do a duet with, and the clear answer was Bono from U2. They were joking about that perhaps Lene should ask him sometime. The third question was if she had a horse, but Lene said she doesn't have any animals at all.

Idol concept
When asked about the popular Idol concept that had been running in Norway for the last 6 months, Lene said she'd seen it. She was concerned about the treatment of some of the contestants, and the fact that a quiet person like herself most probably would've been sent home after the first attempt. She hoped that not too many dreams had been crushed during the shows. A comparison came up that even Bono couldn't sing much at first, but they took him on because he was such a riot on stage!

A last question on the NRK TV show, was where Lene would've been if she had not been into music. Lene said that she'd probably be a student, living in some bohemian collective home! Luckily for all of us, that isn't the case. After this, Lene went on to do a live chat with viewers on the other channel owned by NRK (NRK2).

Translation by Tef Johs


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