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08 September 2003
Kine from Tromsø designing for Lene Marlin
Source : Nordlys
Kine Dørum (27) from Tromsø has got a worldwide launch on her CV. She is Lene Marlin's cousin, and got everything to do with graphic design on posters, record and singles for the "new" Lene Marlin.

TROMSØ: Graphic designer Kine Dørum from Tromsø was surprised when the five years younger cousin Lene Marlin called her at home in London in February - "do you want to create the logo and the cover for my new record?", she asked.

- I thought it was just about a smaller job, perhaps just a logo, says Kine Dørum. She hadn't been working as a graphic designer for three years, and was way into her psychology studies in the English capital.

However, it wasn't a smaller commission Lene Marlin had in mind for her cousin. When the artist is being launched worldwide, the graphic expression on the record cover, content, posters, the DVD and the singles is solely the work of Kine. Almost without any meddling from the record company, but in close cooperation with Lene Marlin herself.

- I believe Lene asked me because she wanted control over the design of the record. She wanted the overview, and had to be sure that the expression in the design really is "her", Dørum says.

Wanted a logo

The cousins met in the studio in London where Dørum listened to the music for Lene's record, and they were talking about how the expression ought to be.

- Lene had a lot of ideas, and was sure she wanted a logo marked on all the products. And, luckily, the record company welcomed the suggestions, Dørum says.

Both Lene and the record company became so impressed with Dørum's drawings that the contract for designing the products was soon hers. However, Dørum needed a little help.

- I realized I couldn't do this alone, so I asked Red Thread in Tromsø, where I was to work for the summer, about some help, she says.

The advertisement agency didn't need much time to decide about contributing with their competence and constructive criticism in the process towards the final result. For Dørum, it felt safe to lean on other designers, exchange ideas, and test things on others. But it had to be done secretly.

- We have been bursting with pride a long time now, but the condition for Kine and us getting the task was that we kept it for ourselves, says general manager Børre Sørdahl of Red Thread.

He is sure about that creativity is a characteristic buried in the family line of Lene and Kine.

- Kine is very talented, just like the cousin. So, we just knew she would manage this, Sørdahl says.

The bureau has been putting down a lot of hours of work on the project this summer. The pictures taken by the Dutch Anton Corbijn of Lene Marlin in New York arrived by way of e-mail. There Lene had picked out the ones she liked the better. And Dørum experimented with everything from coffe stains on paper to drawings from an old Philofax, for obtaining the perfect expression.

- I've had a steep learning curve, but a lot of fun. The main thing is that Lene is satisfied. She's also the one always having the last word, Dørum emphasizes.

Happy record manager

And the record company, they are wonderfully happy about it. Even though EMI Virgin director Per Eirik Johansen admits he was a bit sceptical.

- This was Lene's idea, but I was somewhat sceptical at first. We hadn't seen what the cousin had done in previous work, Johansen says.

- However, it turned out excellent. And for once, the record company's divisions in all the launching countries are just as happy as we are with the result. This is very rare, he says.

Artist- and reportoare-responsible in the record company, Hans Olav Grøttheim, whom as Johansen is from Tromsø, thinks it was fun that Lene chose a designer from Tromsø. Despite that she hadn't any greater projects to show for.

- You know, it's the nightmare of any record company to go several rounds. However, Kine hit off every single time, Grøttheim says, who adds that the two cousins probably feel somewhat related also artistically.

Hopes for an extra job

Kine herself is going to concentrate on psychology in the near future. However, first the job has to be finished, because she has in no way taken off with regards to the thought of a glamorous future in designing.

- I take the task with me back to London. And when it's done, I'm going to work more for Red Thread. It could also happen that the Lene job gives off some additional effect. However, this will only be as an extra job besides the studies, after all it's better than working in a café.

Translation by Tef Johs


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