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18 September 2003
Wants to lower the expectations
Source : Nrk
Pirate copies on the net, enormous press coverage and large advance bookings. The Lene Marlin hysteria is well on its way before the album number two is in stores on Monday. However, EMI doesn't believe that the sales are going to be that great this time around.

Lene Marlin is in the lead among Norwegian artists. Only a-ha has sold more records than her. With 1.5 million copies of the debut album, the record company EMI has nothing to be disappointed about. The expectations are thus sky high when Another Day is released the coming Monday. Record manager Per Eirik Johansen would rather take the whole thing more easily. Lene Marlin is perhaps one of Norway's most popular artists. Wherever she goes she's recognized.

- We have no expectations in regards that Lene would sell as much as last time. That's an unrealistic goal. We have not included in the budget anything at all.


The interest for the album has been enormous, says Johansen. That was perhaps also the reason that an unfaithful servant in the press or the distributor environment put the record out on the net. The EcoCrime group is now contacted to reveal who it was.

- Our lawyer has reported this, and EcoCrime will now look at the case further. I have faith in that they will reveal who it was.

- Does this show that it's hazardous to send such albums in advance before the launch to the press and dealers?

- We have no other choice than to do this. The press must get the chance to listen through what they're about to write about. Dealers must make their foundation on what the album is like, so that they can say yes or no to larger preorders. This is the way we do things. People we can't trust we have to get rid of, that's why we go to EcoCrime.

Concert and on TV

Nothing is yet settled regarding a possible tour for Marlin. Everything is up to her, according to EMI. By now, she has only said yes to a mini concert in a record shop at Oslo City next Saturday.

- We'll see about if there will be a tour here in Norway, and when that will be. We still don't know about that.

- You are, however, going to market Lene?

- She would probably participate in various TV shows, I can confirm that, yes, says Johansen.

Translation by Tef Johs


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