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20 September 2003
- I'm totally overwhelmed. It's just like turning back the time four years
Source : Dagbladet
Circus Lene Marlin (23) has commenced. Along with security guards she appeared happy - and scared - in front of 400 wild fans in a record store in Milan yesterday evening.

MILAN: And tonight she is one of the stars at the great TV-festival Festivalbar in Verona, along with significant performers like Sting, 50 Cent, Dido and Eros Ramazzotti.

- I'm totally overwhelmed. It's just like turning back the time four years. I'm scared, worried, but also incredibly happy, says Lene Marlin after having met the audience and written autographs for almost two hours.

- I did it!
Over four years after the debut Playing My Game she's back into the limelight - a circus ring and a circus that almost killed her. Following a fairy-tale sale and tens of millions on the bank account, she wants to show she's still with us. Playing My Game has now sold about two million copies worldwide, while the singles Unforgivable Sinner, Sitting Down Here and Where I'm Headed altogether have sold over three million copies. However, now it's CD number two, Another Day, that's in focus.

- Many said I couldn't manage to come back after so many years in hiding, but here I am.

- I have done it. This is unreal, she says to Dagbladet in a waiting car outside La Feltrinelli.

The fans gather around the car, and Lene gets uneasy.

- No, get me out of here. It's so hot. So many people.

Must take it easy
We drive around the block, and Lene draws her breath after a long day and a long evening with Italian radio, TV and newspapers - and fans.

To avoid getting totally burned out this time around, both Lene Marlin and the support team have learned their lesson: She's going to have at least two days off per week. Lene Marlin burned the candle in both ends, and ultimately it said stop. She totally withdrew from the limelight.

- It's eerie and frightening being back. It's totally wild.

- It seems like time has stood still, because the audience and the media are just as enthusiastic as before. First day at work after many years, Lene Marlin laughs.

- However, I'm going to take it more easy. Make sure there are some breaks. Don't tire myself out completely.

Fans of Tromsų
Two-third of the Italian fans in the record/book-store consists of young boys and men in the age 16 to 20 years. Francesco Borrega and Dennis Dalla Torre, both 20 years of age, have travelled eleven hours by train from the city of Bari to meet their greatest hero.

- She's so blonde and beautiful. We adore Norwegian girls. Besides, she's making fantastic music.

- We're also applauding the Tromsų soccer team, and hope they soon will appear in the Champions League, says Francesco Borrega.

Tonight she's playing the single You Weren't There for 30 000 people at Festivalbar, a touring TV festival that has existed for 30 years. Next week the concert will be aired on Berlusconi's Channel 5 for eight million viewers.

Simultanously with the album Another Day there will be released an 85 minute-long DVD, which shows recordings of Lene Marlin in various situations throughout several years.

Translation by Tef Johs


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