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20 September 2003
Great hoopla at Lene Marlin launch
Source : VG
MILAN: Lene Marlin (22) has been away for three and a half years. Yesterday was the first day at work in the international pop circus. In Italy Marlin met everything she ran away from. Nothing is changed.

First day at work: Lene Marlin met yesterday the fans in Italy, the country where her international career seriously took off - and she is not forgotten, over three years after she disappeared from the limelight.

- It's totally unreal, Lene Marlin is panting.

- I had never expected this many people. This is just like starting from scratch all over again, comments the singer, who now is in the current interest with the album Another Day in most of Europe.

- I'm burning up. Can somebody get some air in here?, asks Marlin, while the fans are pushing their faces against the car windows hoping to get a glimpse of their great idol before she disappears out into the noisy Milan night.

- God, how enjoyable, Marlin exclaims.

- Many have told me that it's not clever to stay away for so long. They are probably right. I was incredibly excited, uneasy, and nervous. Now, I'm relieved and happy that it's over with, she admits.

- Natural beauty

Marlin is just done with a marathon-like meeting with the fans in a big record- and book-shop in Milan, where about 400 fans were squeezed together like sardines in a barrel.

The star from the north is back, all the posters announced, with the picture of a pale, blonde, and serious Norwegian girl who still is just 23 years old, but still can point to 1.8 million albums sold, and at least the same amount of singles sold, in addition to a bank account few other Norwegian artists are able to show for themselves.

- Many italians don't like american divas like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. Lene is a natural beauty, and writes her own songs, states Alessandro Guerra, a 21 year old student who has traveled to Milan all the way from Naples.

Guerra, correctly enough, is running the fan club of Marlin, but he was in good company.

- I love Marlin. I also love Tromsų, and I hope that their soccer team soon ends up in Champions League, howls Francesco Borrega from Bari elated, as he's walking about with the Norwegian flag painted in his face.

Marlin has indeed returned to Italy, where the fairy tale about the young woman - only 18 at that time - seriously commenced.

-I'm very proud. You have not forgotten me, Marlin stated as she got up on the podium in a shower of blitz lights.

Different type of fans

If not the fans were directly hysterical, then the enthusiasm was strong and definitively genuine.

- Lene has as young fans as the boy bands, but she has a totally different type of audience. Through her lyrics and music she mirrors their feelings and thoughts, Pietro Paravella believes, director of EMI and Virgin in Italy - who makes sure he mentions that the debut album Playing My Game sold 300 000 copies in Italy.

The new single You Weren't There has already become a scourge. It tops the hit-list and can be heard wherever people are going.

Tired Lene

However, everything comes with a price. Marlin has to bite her teeth together and write autographs until the cramp gets her. Everyone is to be depicted with the idol and everyone wants to kiss and hug her.

The artist almost doesn't get any time to wipe the sweat off and draw her breath before she has to smile again, scratch down her signature and be friendly - for an hour the madness lasts before she can withdraw to safety.

The Tromsų girl jumped off the carusel while the speed was at a maximum. Now Lene Marlin is back. Exactly where she left off in a big and dirty million-sized city, while everyone wants a piece of her: Fans, journalists, and even her own record company.

Translation by Tef Johs


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