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18 September 2003
Lene is playing live in Oslo
Source : VG
Next Saturday Lene Marlin (23) performs live in public for the very first time. This happens in Oslo.

Count on chaos when Lene Marlin, backed up by a band, captures the shopping centre Oslo City. This will, strangely enough, be her first announced concert without any security net, following a nervous Marlin whom silently got up on stage in all secrecy and performed some solo-tracks on a pub in Oslo some weeks ago.

The sťance at Oslo City will be another bowl altogether. This time there will be fans, a lot of fans.

The Marlin mania is very imminent, you see.

Great efforts

The TromsÝ girl is also in the current interest with the greatest DVD effort of the multinational EMI Recorded Music, ever.

On Monday, the same day as the album Another Day gets into retail stores, Marlin's first DVD production is released.

- The production is not insanely costly, but an incredible lot of people is involved. DVD is another format, and EMI decided to do something special out of the production. Usually, the fans get old live recordings and videos. This will be something entirely different, claims EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen.

Marlin is the record company's first artist to be released simultanously on CD album and DVD.

- We look upon the DVD album as an independent release, underscores Johansen, who of course is agreeable on the fact that the DVD market for artists, not just movies, have exploded the last year.

The DVD is entitled, as the album, Another Day, and documents the work in Wessex Studio in London.

Marlin and EMI have made a DVD where the fans get exclusive interviews, the studio versions of the songs on the ordinary album, bonus tracks in the shape of acoustic and electric live recordings.

At this moment, Marlin is traveling across Europe promoting her new album, following the single You Weren't There which opened the ball by going straight to the top on the Italian hit-list after its first week on sale.

Another Day is being released on Monday across the most of Europe and Asia, Great Britain follows the next week, while USA and Canada stays an unplowed field a while longer for Lene Marlin.

Translation by Tef Johs


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